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Creativity Meets Collaboration

The background of this piece is made up of the colors green, yellow, blue, and red. The outer edges are mainly red while the inside is a mixture of all the colors. Painted over this background is black paint. In some spots there are large sections of it and in others there are small lines of paint running parallel to each other. In the center of the piece runs a vertical line from the top to the bottom of the piece. On some of these sections of the black paint is silver glitter.
Pretty, 2021, Betty White

Welcome to the transformative and vibrant fusion of shapes, colors and textures represented in the "Let It Shine!" exhibition – a collection of abstract artwork created by older adults in the Opening Minds through Art (OMA) in the Community program facilitated by Goddard House at Mount Pleasant Home in Jamaica Plain.

This virtual exhibition is a collaboration between Goddard House and Lesley University, whose Expressive Therapy graduate students have been vital contributors to the Goddard House arts programming for 25 years.

The vivid artwork and eloquent voices of the artists, and the thoughtful quotes from Lesley alumni bring to life the creative and community-building impact of OMA. 

We invite you to view this virtual exhibition showcasing the remarkable creative capacity of older adults.

  • What is Opening Minds through Art (OMA)?

    Opening Minds through Art (OMA) is an award-winning, evidence-based, intergenerational, abstract art-making program for older adults. The goal of OMA is to challenge assumptions and build respect and genuine connections between older adults and student interns and other volunteers as they come together through artmaking. OMA demonstrates that older adults across a wide spectrum of physical and cognitive challenges (and strengths) are highly capable of demonstrating their creativity through art.

  • Goddard House and Lesley University – 25 Years of Collaboration

    Goddard House has been a training site for Lesley University Art and Expressive Therapies graduate student interns since the not-for-profit assisted living community opened its doors in 1997. Opening Minds through Art (OMA) became a core addition to art programming at Goddard House in 2016 and was joined by a music therapy cohort, a team of four students overseen by a Lesley faculty member on site. 

    In 2021-22, Goddard House Community Initiatives piloted OMA in the Community at Mount Pleasant Home in Jamaica Plain, MA.  Over the past year, the OMA team of facilitators and volunteers included three Lesley graduates from the Art and Expressive Therapies Master’s Program: Silvina Ibanez, Ginny Mazur and Isabelle Olsson.

    In fall of 2022, a new cohort of Lesley Art Therapy graduate student interns will participate in the OMA in the Community Program for the full academic year, broadening the base of training and collaboration between Lesley University and Goddard House.

Meet the Artists

About Goddard House & Mt. Pleasant Home

  • Goddard House
    Goddard House Logo, featuring two blue gables reading "Goddard House" in red letters, below it reads "Assisted Living & Memory Support"

    Goddard House embraces the aging experience for seniors living in the Boston area by operating a high-quality assisted living community and by creating innovative programs which support the need for purpose, engagement, autonomy, and choice.

  • Goddard House Community Initiatives
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    Individuality, expression, social connection and innovation are all driving forces behind Goddard House Community Initiatives, which engages diverse older adults from Greater Boston in participatory programming that includes art, music, dance and other forms of creative expression.

  • Mount Pleasant Home
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    Mount Pleasant Home is an independent, non-profit residential care rest home for seniors sixty-two and older, licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Mount Pleasant Home supports the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of women and men.