You Belong Here
So much is in store for you at Lesley University! Now that you’ve been accepted, RSVP for our exclusive celebration for new undergraduate and Threshold students for either Saturday, March 23 or Saturday, April 27.
What do we do?

The Residence Life program is designed to support, extend and complement academic life by encouraging students to learn from one another and to cultivate a respectful environment that is intellectually stimulating and fun. The office assigns rooms to all undergraduate residents and maintains wait-lists for single rooms. The Community Advisor staff live among the students and work with students to build an inclusive community. The Residence Life staff assist students who may experience roommate conflicts and provide support in other areas as needed.

When are we available?

The Office of Residence Life staff are working remotely and can be contacted by emailing You may also call the Office at 617.349.8585 and leave a message as we check the voice mailbox regularly. The Office of Residence Life's hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Why would you contact us?

You may reach out to the Residence Life department for many reasons:

  • Want to live in on-campus housing
  • Request to live with a roommate
  • Place your name on a waiting list for a single room
  • Roommate conflict and you want to discuss next steps
  • Experiencing some difficulty in your living environment
  • Questions about Room Lottery
  • Inquire about how to apply to be a Community Advisor
How do you contact us?

While we are working remotely, the best way for you to reach out to us is by emailing They may also call the Office number, 617.349.8585 and leave a message. Once we receive an email or a message, we will be happy to schedule a meeting if needed.

I am a newly accepted student at Lesley and would like to become a resident student. How do I go about this?

If you are a new student, please contact your Admissions counselor and they will be able to provide you with the information you need.

I am currently enrolled in Lesley University and commuting from my home. How do I apply to live on campus?

As a currently, enrolled student, you should e-mail and a staff person will provide you with the Housing deposit link and meet with you to answer your questions.

How do I sign up to live in a single room?

All students can place their name on a waiting list for a single room. Students should remember that single rooms are limited so they are encouraged to find a person to be a roommate. New students can request to live with someone if they have met someone they would like to share a room with, or the Residence staff will match people randomly.