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What do we do?

International Student Services Assists international students with their I-20, F-1, and international student experience from acceptance through post-completion F-1 work authorization.

When are we available?

Monday–Friday, 9:00am–2:00pm.

Where can you find us?

Visit the Lesley International Student Services (ISS) website for information at lesley.edu/students/international-students/f-1-student-visa-process

Contact iss@lesley.edu to schedule a Zoom appointment. ISS staff work remotely, with occasional on-campus visits by appointment.

Why would you contact us?

International Student Services (ISS) partners with on and off-campus stakeholders to assist international students from pre-acceptance through degree completion.

How do you contact us?

Contacting us via email at iss@lesley.edu is preferred. We meet with students either on Zoom or Microsoft Teams as per their preference.


I am a prospective F-1 student. How do I get I-20 information?

Visit the International Student Services website at lesley.edu/students/international-students/f-1-student-visa-process or contact iss@lesley.edu.

I am an F-1 international student. How do I get off-campus work authorization or permission to do an off-campus internship?

Contact International Student Services at iss@lesley.edu to get legal authorization through a new I-20 before participating in any off-campus work, internship, practicum, or fieldwork (paid or unpaid).

I am an F-1 international student. How do I apply for a Social Security Number SSN?

Contact iss@lesley.edu for information and the legal updated I-20 authorization.

I am an F-1 international student. How do I apply for a Massachusetts Driver's License or State ID?

Contact iss@lesley.edu for information.

I am an F-1 international student. How do I obtain an I-20 travel signature?

Contact iss@lesley.edu two weeks before travel outside of the U.S.

I am an F-1 international student who wants to understand the different types of support available to me. Who do I contact?

Contact iss@lesley.edu for assistance.