What do we do?

International Student Services provides advising for F-1 students on the F-1 status. We help students with their immigration paperwork, like their I-20s, and provide immigration advising. We help students apply for F-1 benefits, like OPT and CPT, and make sure our students stay in lawful F-1 status. We also help students with their cultural adjustment and we help connect with their resources.

When are we available?

You can reach out at any time at iss@lesley.edu. We are scheduling video appointments Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Why would you contact us?
  • Questions about I-20s, visas, I-94s
  • Questions about the F-1 rules, like maintaining a full-course load
  • If an F-1 student needs to take a leave of absence or drop below a full-course load
  • Questions from F-1 students about work and internship authorization in the US
  • Questions about traveling and re-entering the US
  • Questions about getting used to US teaching methods
How do you contact us?

You can reach out at any time at iss@lesley.edu.