You Belong Here
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What do we do?

International Student Services provides advising for F-1 students on the F-1 status. We help students with their immigration paperwork, like their I-20s, and provide immigration advising. We help students apply for F-1 benefits, like OPT and CPT, and make sure our students stay in lawful F-1 status. We also help students with their cultural adjustment and we help connect with their resources.

When are we available?

You can reach out at any time at We are scheduling video appointments Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Why would you contact us?
  • Questions about I-20s, visas, I-94s
  • Questions about the F-1 rules, like maintaining a full-course load
  • If an F-1 student needs to take a leave of absence or drop below a full-course load
  • Questions from F-1 students about work and internship authorization in the US
  • Questions about traveling and re-entering the US
  • Questions about getting used to US teaching methods
How do you contact us?

You can reach out at any time at