What do we do?

Our office supports all aspects of a student's field training experience. We: 

  • Oversee the clinical courses that accompany the field training experience 
  • Provide information and guidance around student site searches
  • Help students navigate any site and supervisor concerns 
  • Provide ongoing advising around professional development, licensure, and credentialing 
  • Provide support to ensure students document their site hours to meeting pre-masters licensure and modality credentialing requirements 
  • Develop field placement sites in the community and maintain relationships with sites
When are we available?

Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Where can you find us?

Associate Directors of Field Training are working remotely. Find more information at https://lesley.edu/academics/graduate-school-of-arts-social-sciences/field-training

Why would you contact us?

Contact us for or with:

  • Field Training questions
  • Documenting hours
  • Concerns or problems with your field training site, supervisor, or clinical instructor
How do you contact us?

Please email our Administrative Coordinator at fto@lesley.edu. We can set up an appointment utilizing Microsoft Teams, Lesley Skype, and Zoom.

What if I have questions or concerns about clinical instructors?

Please email Deborah Spragg, Director of Field Training, for more information: dspragg@lesley.edu.

What if I have questions about site search, site issues and concerns, contracts, etc?

Please email:

What if I have questions about forms and documentation?

Please email fto@lesley.edu.