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Innovations in Early Childhood

A long-standing series of workshops that explore issues in early childhood education.

Exploring Current Issues in Early Childhood Education

For over seven years, the Early Childhood Innovations Series has been a part of the story of early childhood at Lesley. It is a dynamic space of conversation between current issues emerging for students in ECE and practitioners, scholars, and advocates in the field. The workshops represent a lively interplay between the needs expressed by Lesley students and innovational lenses shared by experts in the field.

Student-Driven Topics

Topics are generated through close conversations with the students and meaningful connections to a range of educators. Students share their needs and interests around topics such as gender identity, anti-bias practice, nature-based education, climate change, advocacy, trauma, the importance of play, and many more. Leaders with diverse expertise join us to engage in dialogue about how these critical issues are emerging in the field, engaging Lesley students and others in deep thinking, conversation, and important exposure to a range of professional opportunities.

Taking New Practices Back to the Classroom

Participants are exposed to innovative practices, and are invited to envision possibilities in their professional journeys. They feed the workshop lenses we explore as a community, return as practicing educators to continue their professional development, and present as Innovations leaders as they grow in their practice.

The Innovations Series is a generative space of possibility, engagement, and learning, and is regularly attended by educators from across the Greater Boston Area and beyond. This student-driven space invites us all to think deeply, to question, and to challenge ourselves to imagine what might be possible.