How to Apply

Apply for an online post-baccalaureate certificate.

If you are an international student, you'll have additional application requirements. Get the International Student application guide for this program here.  


Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines

Online programs begin at various times throughout the year, so the deadlines are on a rolling basis.

We’ll make a decision once we’ve received all of your materials. Email for recommended deadlines.

Application Form

Application Form

Apply for an online program.

Create an account and password before you start your application. You can stop and save your application, and return to complete it later.

Submit Documents

Submit Documents

You'll need to submit the following supporting materials.

You can send the documents separately, but we won't be able to make an admissions decision until we've received everything.

Official Transcripts

Have each institution where you earned an undergraduate or graduate degree send us your official transcript.

If your transcript is not in English, provide a notarized translation of it.

If you’re enrolled in a degree program when you apply, submit your transcript of the courses you’ve taken to date. Submit your final official transcript once you’ve completed the degree program.

Your transcripts need to be:

  • Conferred by regionally accredited colleges or universities
  • Original documents bearing the official institutional stamp
  • Received by Graduate Admissions Services in envelopes sealed by the sending institution, or sent electronically directly from the institution

Send transcripts to: or

Lesley University
Graduate Admissions Services
29 Everett Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Written Personal Statement

All of our online programs require that you write a personal statement. Your written personal statement gives us insight into your motivation, purpose in pursuing a degree program, writing skills, and communication style. It’s an important part of our review process.

Write a 600–900 word (2–3 pages) personal statement.

Use narrative form and address these questions:

  1. Reflect on your personal and professional history. What forces have influenced your professional growth and contributed to your decision to seek admission to this Lesley University program?

  2. What are your long-term professional goals (new directions, opportunities, interests, skills, professional renewal, or work advancement), and how does this Lesley University program help you to meet them?

  3. Is there other information you think would help the admissions committee understand you better? Examples:

  • Special interests
  • Publications
  • Academic achievements
  • Supervisors' references
  • Unusual career path
  • Awards and/or honors
  • Special accomplishments
  • Leadership abilities

Submit your written personal statement electronically in one of two ways:

  1. Upload the file as part of your application for admission.
  2. Email it to

Include your full name on the top of the document.

Current Résumé

Show relevant work, volunteer, or academic experience on your résumé.

Application Status

Application Status

Activate your online account and review your status.

We’re so happy you’ve chosen to apply to Lesley University.

Soon, we'll assign you a Lesley University Online System (LOIS) account. When that happens, you'll be able to review the receipt of your admission application materials and financial aid documents.

  • Activate Account

    Visit the Electronic Account Self-Service Portal.

    You have to complete these 2 steps before you can log into your account.

    1. Click “Change my Password” to change your default password.
    2. Click “Create/Edit Profile” to create a user profile.

    Account Issues

    If you have password problems, visit the Self-Service Portal and choose "Reset my Password.”

    If you have any difficulty using your LOIS account, contact Information Technology at 617.349.8770 or

  • Review Status

    To access your account, click on the "Log In" tab and enter your username and password.

    To view the receipt of your application and financial aid documents and materials:

    1. Log into LOIS.
    2. Click on the Log In tab.
    3. Enter your username and password.
    4. Select the "Students" link.
    5. Select "My Documents" under "Communication.”
    6. View the status of your application materials. "Received" or "waived" means that an individual requirement was completed.

Contact Admissions

Contact Admissions