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How to Apply

Apply for this on-campus master's degree program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling or Counseling Psychology as an international student.

Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines

Start Term: Fall
Deadline: May 1

Start Term: Spring
Deadline: November 1

Call us if you apply after the deadline.



Check your program page for prerequisites.

Our graduate programs require that you have an undergraduate degree. Some programs have other prerequisite requirements, such as coursework, certification or license, or master’s degree in a specific field.

Application Form

Application Form

Apply online for your graduate program.

Create an account and password before you start your application. You can stop and save your application, and return to complete it later.

2020 Application for Admission - Apply Online

Submit Documents

Submit Documents

You'll need to submit the following supporting materials.

You can send the documents separately, but we won't be able to make an admissions decision until we've received everything.

Official Transcripts

Have each institution where you earned an undergraduate or graduate degree send us your official transcript.

If your transcript is not in English, provide a notarized translation of it.

If you’re enrolled in a degree program when you apply, submit your transcript of the courses you’ve taken to date. Submit your final official transcript once you’ve completed the degree program.

Your transcripts need to be:

  • Conferred by regionally accredited colleges or universities
  • Original documents bearing the official institutional stamp
  • Received by Graduate Admissions Services in envelopes sealed by the sending institution, or sent electronically directly from the institution

Send transcripts to: or

Lesley University
Graduate Admissions Services
29 Everett Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Foreign Academic Credentials Evaluation

A credential evaluation helps us understand the courses you’ve taken, the grades you’ve earned, or the degree you’ve received from an institution outside the United States.

Get an independent credential evaluation of your transcripts to determine U.S. equivalency.

Graduate Students

You’ll need a document-by-document evaluation. Exception: Expressive Therapies master's degree programs require a course-by-course evaluation instead.

Evaluation Agencies

Contact one of these agencies to get your credentials evaluated.

If you’re submitting a foreign academic credential evaluation, unofficial transcripts are acceptable for your transcript requirement if official transcripts were provided to the evaluation agency.

3 Letters of Recommendation

Include 3 recent recommendations from those you’ve worked with closely in an academic or professional setting.

  • At least one of your recommendations should come from a present or former supervisor.
  • If you’re in school, or are a recent graduate, one recommendation should come from a professor.
  • We don’t accept recommendations written by friends or family, or that were written more 2 years before your application date.

Within your online application form, include the names and emails of the people writing your letters of recommendation. They'll receive an email from you with an electronic recommendation form, and they can upload a letter if they choose.

Standardized Test Scores

Our Counseling Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's Degree programs require the Miller Analogies Test (MAT).

  • Submit your scores from a Miller Analogies Test (MAT) that you’ve taken within the past 5 years.

  • The Lesley University MAT number is 1214.

English Language Proficiency

We want you to be successful in your program. If your native language is not English, we require that you provide proof of your English proficiency.

You can show your proficiency in one of these ways:

Option 1

Duolingo English Test

  • We require a minimum score of 105 on this test.

Option 2

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

  • Minimum score of 80 on the Internet test.
  • Submit your score. Use Lesley University’s CEEB code: 3483.

Option 3

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

  • A score of 6.5 or higher
  • Contact the center where you took the test. Request that they send your official Test Report Form to Lesley University.

Option 4

Official Cambridge English Exam

  • C1 Advanced (Certificate in Advanced English)
  • C2 Proficiency (Certificate of Proficiency in English)

Option 5

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Partnerships

We have partnered with several language schools to help you meet the English requirement. Complete the curriculum at one of the schools, at the specified level.

Then, get a letter from the program coordinator or teacher. The letter should explain that your English is proficient for college-level study.

Here are our partner schools and levels we require:

Option 6

English Language Requirement Waiver

If English is not your native language, but you’ve graduated from a school or program that was taught in English, you may qualify to have the language requirement waived.

If it’s not noted on your transcript, request a letter from your high school, college, or university stating your language of instruction was English.

Written Personal Statement

Your written personal statement gives us insight into your motivation, purpose in pursuing a degree program, writing skills, and communication style. It’s an important part of our review process.

Write a 750–1250 word personal statement.

The written personal statement is an opportunity for you to communicate your:

  • Level of self-awareness
  • Capacity to be present for another
  • Intellectual ability
  • Understanding of the responsibilities of a professional counselor
  • Understanding the role of power, privilege, and oppression in people’s lives
  • Readiness for the academic demands of graduate work in counseling and psychology

Respond to each of these questions.

Only self-disclose details to the extent that is appropriate for you.

  1. Address the following:

    1. Discuss your skills as a critical learner, your ability to write research papers, and your ability to participate in experiential learning. Use this as an opportunity to discuss your academic strengths and weaknesses.

    2. Discuss your ability to reflect on your life experience (developmental milestones and challenges, crises, losses, etc.).

  2. In your personal life, when you are in a conflicted situation with another person, how do you manage the competing issues of being respectful of your feelings, thoughts, and interests, and those of the other person involved?

  3. Imagine yourself as a counselor or therapist. What do you believe are the responsibilities you would have for the client's well-being, and how would you hope to meet those responsibilities (given your present understanding of the role and responsibilities of a counselor/therapist)?

  4. We are each affected by the impact of power, privilege, and oppression (either through the having of power and/or privilege due to gender, ethnicity, race, class, sexual orientation, or other form of majority status; or through the experience of being oppressed by others because of ways in which we are marginalized).

    Summarize your exposure to these issues and how your understanding would be a benefit to clients with whom you would work as a counselor. Indicate the areas in which you would need to expand your understanding of these issues in your training as a counselor.

    Program Meeting

    Program Meeting

    Attend a virtual academic program information meeting.

    If you’re applying to a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology or Clinical Mental Health Counseling, please contact the Associate Director of Advising and Student Services, Courtney Millette at, to schedule your program meeting.



    This program requires an interview with one or more faculty members, once your application file is complete and ready for review. The interview may be conducted here on the Lesley campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by phone, or by Skype. The program department will contact you to schedule the interview.

    Contact Admissions

    Contact Admissions