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Ready to become a Lynx? We are confident you have made the right choice to join our community of future teachers, counselors, social workers, artists, writers, business and liberal arts leaders, and change agents.

Genre Seminars

You'll take 3 genre seminars per residency for 4 residencies, for a total of 12 courses. 

First Residency Seminars

  1. Inside the Panel: Drawing for Comics
    Presents an overview of how different genres/styles/artists depict images on the page; focuses on how to develop a personal visual lexicon.
  2. Outside the Panel: Sequential Art Theory
    Covers layouts, page turns, pacing: the essentials of comics theory.
  3. Beyond Comics: Creating Narrative with Words and Pictures
    Word-image interplay in forms other than sequential narratives: artist’s books, photo-based works, illustrated and hybrid novels, digital essays, and more.

Second Residency Seminars

  1. Advanced Sequential Art
    An introduction to more conceptual and experimental approaches to comics, including conflict in word/image agreement.
  2. Digital Studio I (Computer image-generation)
    Learn Photoshop and other drawing programs.
  3. Publication Studio: The Self-Made Book
    This course will look at the design and narrative structure of artists' books, zines, and more.

Third Residency Seminars

  1. Digital Studio II (Computer image-generation)
    An introduction to InDesign.
  2. Professional Practice
    An overview of conventions, online marketing, and general guidance on creating a balanced and productive creative life.
  3. Publication Studio II
    Learn advanced techniques in book design.

Fourth Residency Seminars

  1. Further Beyond Comics
    This is a  follow-up to the first semester course. We'll look at synchronicity and dissonance in word-and-image expression.
  2. Comics in a Digital Space
    Webcomics, Instagram and other forms of Online Publication.
  3. Open Studio
    This course is shaped by students’ needs and requests, and faculty interest.

Cross-Genre Seminars

You'll take one interdisciplinary seminar per residency for four residencies. 

  • The History of Comics: Sequential storytelling from the Bayeux Tapestry to online comics.
  • Word and Image Beyond the Box: An introduction to hybrid literature, illustrated novels, artists' books, and more.
  • Photographs and Text: The role of photography in narrative.
  • Visual Thinking for Writers: The role of the visual imagination in writing, reading, and teaching. Required reading: What it Is, Lynda Barry
  • You Can Judge a Book By Its Cover: Storytelling with Packaging: A conceptual look at book covers and design.
  • The Alchemy of Inspiration: How to draw on influences without letting previous writers and artists overwhelm your own originality.
  • Worldbuilding & Narrative: The internal logic of fictional universes.