Start your master's degree in education as an undergraduate.

Getting a master’s degree is a surefire way to get higher paying, more specialized teaching positions. Our affordable accelerated master's degree programs for Lesley undergraduate education majors, and BFA students who want to become art teachers, transition you into our nationally acclaimed Graduate School of Education where you'll continue through an M.Ed. program. Choose from several program options and get on track to earn your bachelor’s and master’s degree in as little as 5 1/2 years of full-time study.

How It Works

Most graduate education programs are 30–45 credits. By knocking out graduate credits as an undergraduate student, you'll save both time and money.

  • Complete 6–12 of the graduate program's 30–45 credits during your junior or senior year, included in your undergraduate tuition. This saves you a semester or two of time.
  • Finish the 24–33 remaining graduate credits after your senior year, at the graduate tuition rate for your program.
  • Earn both degrees—a BA or BFA and an M.Ed.—in about 5 1/2 years.
  • Save an additional $10,080 to $11,700 on graduate tuition with the Lesley Dividend (12 free graduate credits) for a total of about 45% to 60% off your graduate tuition, depending on the program.

Eligibility & Applying

You can apply for admission to a dual degree program at the end of your sophomore year. To be considered, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher. Early in your undergraduate program, contact your academic advisor to let them know you're interested in this option. They'll connect you to the application process.

Accelerated Master's Programs by Undergraduate Major

In all programs, you'll work with your academic advisor to plan a course sequence.

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Art & Design Majors

We offer accelerated M.Ed. programs for students who are getting their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and who want to become a licensed art teacher in grades PreK–8 or 5–12. The programs are open to students enrolled in any BFA program within our College of Art & Design.

The master's degree program in art education is 45 credits. In the accelerated program, you'd take 12 credits as an undergrad BFA student beginning in junior year. Complete 33 credits after graduation and finish both degrees in 5 1/2 years.

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Early Childhood Majors

Take advantage of our accelerated M.Ed. option for Early Childhood Education majors, which has a special education focus. We also offer one program for Early Childhood Studies majors in Lesley's Center for the Adult Learner or Lesley at Bunker Hill Community College.

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Elementary Education Majors

We offer 2 accelerated M.Ed. options for Elementary Education majors—one with a special education focus, and one that prepares you to work with English language learners in grades PreK–6.

BA in Elementary Education & M.Ed. in Special Education: Moderate Disabilities (PreK–8)
Our Special Education: Moderate Disabilities M.Ed. is 43 credits for students starting at Lesley as a grad student. If you're an undergrad elementary education major at Lesley, the master's portion of this accelerated M.Ed. program is 36 credits. Then, you'd take 6 graduate-level credits in your junior or senior year and complete the remaining 30 credits after graduation, for a total savings of 13 credits. (Explore the stand-alone M.Ed. in Special Education: Moderate Disabilities program.)

BA in Elementary Education & M.Ed. in English as a Second Language (PreK–6)
The 36-credit English as a Second Language M.Ed. can only be taken as part of an accelerated M.Ed. program. Take 6 graduate credits in your junior or senior year and 30 credits after graduation.

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Middle & High School Education Majors

There is one accelerated M.Ed. option for Middle School Education or Secondary Education majors, focusing on special education.

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Special Education Majors

As a special education major, you can pursue one of two accelerated M.Ed. programs—one that will prepare you to teach English language learners in PreK–6 and the other for elementary education (Grades 1–6).

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Other BA & BS Majors (Adult Bachelors)

If you're getting any BA or BS through Lesley's Center for the Adult Learner (LCAL), you can continue through to earn your M.Ed. in Arts, Community, & Education in one accelerated program.

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