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Summer Clark

Associate Professor

Faculty member Summer Clark, headshot

Dr. Clark is passionate about re-envisioning the classroom as a community grounded in equity, caring, and wonder.

During her thirteen years of teaching prior to joining Lesley, her students awakened and inspired her in ways she would have never before imagined. Her K-12 students in Mississippi, Atlanta, Morocco, DC, and Baltimore, and her hundreds of college and graduate students in Maryland taught her the power and complexities in constructing classroom communities. Today Dr. Clark continues to illuminate what transformative literacy teaching might be through collaborative action-oriented research. She explores the possibilities for education as a process of awakening and social action.

Dr. Clark has a M.Ed. from University of Mississippi, Ed.S. from University of Georgia, and Ph.D. from University of Maryland, College Park. 


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Parenting inspiration from Kazu Kibuishi and other graphic ...


“What is the hardest character for you to draw?” my second-grade son, Miles, asked Kazu Kibuishi, author and illustrator of his favorite graphic novels series ...

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Raising a feminist — The Horn Book


I had a feminist awakening in my early twenties, and since then I’ve become passionate about analyzing female characters in books and films with a critical eye.

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Books in the Home: What My First Grader Taught Me About ...


What does it mean to learn to read? As a former first-grade teacher and a professor of literacy education, I have constructed plenty of answers over the years. But ...

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