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Shalini Prasad in an integrative designer practicing in the realm of graphic design, art and space. She brings a holistic thinking and approach to her work as a visual communicator and educator, that is rooted in an inter-disciplinary background in architecture, design, and art. Her aesthetic is characterized by spatial and graphic sensitivity, technical and structural rigor, an innate artistic fluidity, and a deep passion to connect and understand behavior and culture. Through her work she can transcend multiple platforms and balance the play of shape, image, line, texture and type, in both two dimensional and three-dimensional mediums.

Shalini Prasad began her formal creative journey with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Delhi, India in 1999. After specializing as a residential architect for two years in Bangalore, she moved to the US where she received a Master’s Degree of Science in Visual Communication Design from the Herberger Institute of Design at Arizona State University, Tempe in 2003. She honed her professional skill as an in-house graphic designer in corporate/marketing communication firms and advertising agencies for 6 years while consulting as an environmental graphic designer, in both Saint Louis and New Jersey. Under DeSha Creative, Shalini started pursuing an independent direction and has been consulting since 2012 for single-business owners, nonprofit organizations, and design firms. Alongside her professional work, she is adjunct faculty at Lesley Art + Design where she teaches Typography and Visual Communication. She also creates mixed-media graphic art and has exhibited her work in galleries and exhibitions around New Jersey, Boston and New York.

She is delighted to share her creative repertoire as an independent consultant, educator, artist and empath and celebrate the power of an integrative thinking in design. She believes her extra-curricular training in the performing arts—theatre, singing and classical dance, helps her be a better teacher.