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Scott Govoni

Adjunct Professor

Adjunct professor Scott Govoni

I believe that students can reach their maximum potential in math and science if given the correct environment to do so.

I see every student as a person that has untapped potential in many areas. My job is to tap into the area of their brain that allows them to comprehend mathematics and understand what they are doing. Every year in June I find it difficult to let my students move on to high school. I never feel like I’ve had enough time with them. I’m sure that if I taught them for multiple years I would feel the same way.

Students need time to explore and discuss their findings. This is where the learning really starts to grow. Discourse among their peers and sharing their thoughts with the whole class allows them to become better at forming their thoughts and getting others to understand them. Communication in mathematics is crucial. Students and teachers need to discuss mathematics with each other in order to help each other grow in their knowledge. Early mathematicians discussed mathematics, as should we. It is not meant to be an isolationist activity, although it may lend itself to be one. The old saying, “Two minds are better than one”, applies to mathematics.

Scott teaches in the mathematics in education graduate programs at Lesley.


BS in Computer Engineering, Wentworth Institute of Technology
M.Ed., Lesley University