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Priscilla Sanville

Professor Emerita, Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Professor Priscilla Sanville

Priscilla Sanville, advocate of culturally responsive teaching, has more than 30 years experience in schools and community organizations, also acting as a drama supervisor for 15 years in the public schools. Priscilla also earned her PhD from the Union Institute in Multicultural Education with a focus on the interface of culture and learning style theory. Her Master's degree was in the Arts, Creativity, and the Power of the Arts to Heal from Lesley College. Her BA was in Speech and Theatre with a minor in Education from the University of Denver. She has also done training with the dialogue project at MIT with William Isaacs, studied with the National Coalition-Building Institute and The World of Difference in Boston, and taught in Russia, Israel, British Columbia, and Quebec.
Prilly loves teaching all ages. She was an elementary school teacher for fifteen years (first, second, and third grade), and a supervisor of a drama/theatre program for another 15 years in K-12 public schools. Her expertise lies in drama, dance, and group facilitation, particularly in dealing with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. She taught extensively in Russia over three summer with the International School for Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Group Leadership. For two summers, she facilitated with a team, and during the third summer went alone and taught An Arts Approach to Differences in Cultural Context to teachers and clinicians from different parts of Russia. She has also given a keynote speech at the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado and was keynote speaker for Acton Public Schools professional development day (topic: diversity and freeze moments in education).
Her career has focused on supporting educators and community leaders in their endeavor to offer the highest quality arts education to children and adults. She has worked with educators and community leaders on equity and social justice issues, including cross-cultural work in the US and beyond, creating bicultural teams for teaching. Prilly is presently on the board and program committee, and is on the board of directors of Community Arts Center in Cambridge, MA.


BA, University of Denver
MA, Lesley University
PhD, Union Institute

Selected Publications

  • Sanville, P. & Kemeh, M. (2009). "Using Drama to Bring Marginalized Voices in Literature to the Center." Scholarship day, Lesley University.
  • Sanville. P. (2008). "Pursuing Equity and Excellence Through the Arts." Race, Culture, Identity and Achievement Seminar Series. Twelve sponsoring organizations. Boston Teachers Union, Boston, MA
  • Sanville, P. (2000). "What's In A Name? Claiming Cultural Identity." The power of performance for sabbatical research. Lesley University, Cambridge, MA.
  • Sanville, P. (2003, January). "What is Respect? Beyond Tolerance." Massachusetts MASCD Perspectives Magazine.

Selected Presentations

  • Moderator, George Hein Lecture, 2012
  • Conference with the Guild on Community Arts, 2012
  • Facilitator, Wise Women Conference, 2011
  • Co-author, with Julia Byers and Matthew Hirshberg, of Centennial Publication Chapter 3: Froebel and the Firefly: Legacies of Excellence in Teaching
  • Presenter for DOVA (Directors of Volunteer Administration) internship panel, New England Aquarium, Boston, MA, 2011