Fall 2020 Guidance
In response to COVID-19, university courses and operations remain predominantly online for fall.

Neal Klein

Associate Professor of Psychology

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Dr. Neal Klein, Associate Professor of Psychology, is the Coordinator of the Counseling major and the Holistic Psychology & Wellness major. Neal began his search into the nature of consciousness and human potential as an undergraduate psychology major in the 1960's and continued this work in both his masters and doctoral programs. For the past 32 years he has taught at Lesley University where he focuses in the areas of Counseling, Holistic Health and Cross-Cultural Psychology. Neal also has more than 25 years of experience counseling both individuals and couples.

Neal holds a BA from Dickinson College and a EdM and EdD from Boston University. His book, A New Operating Manual For Being Human: A Humanistic/Holistic Perspective On Counseling Psychology and Personal Growth, was published in 2005.