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Marcia Bromfield

Professor Emerita

Marcia Bromfield

Prior to her retirement in 2016, Dr. Bromfield was the director of the Division of Field Placement and Professional Partnerships. Her areas of interest include establishing and supporting inclusive environments for persons with disabilities and preparing teachers to work in such environments; teacher collaboration; school/university partnerships, especially professional development schools; field experiences and supervision; induction support for beginning teachers.

She is one of the founders of the New Teacher Community at Lesley, which which gives support to new teachers in the form of workshops, consultations, and mini-grants.

Presentations and Publications

  • Winter, 2013. Presented on “Beyond Student Teaching: Collaboratively Creating Engaging Experiences for Pre-service Candidates” at the 2013 National Professional Development Schools Conference
  • Bromfield, M., Cattaneo, M., Deane, H., Miller, M.S.,& Roffman, E.(2011). Chapter 14: Community-embedded practice: Lesley's approach to professional preparation in Lesley University: A century of innovation. Frederick, MD: Publish America.  
  • Bromfield, M., Deane, H., Govendo, B., Ford, J., Vecchiarello, T., Roderick, J. (2009). Enhancing communication through multiple governance structures. PDS Partners, 4 (3). Also presented at the 2008 Professional Development Schools National Conference
  • Bromfield, M., Deane, H., Govendo, B., Ford, J. (2008). One University, many partners: Sustaining momentum through sharing. PDS Partners, 3 (3), 7. Also presented at the 2007 Professional Development Schools National Conference
  • Bromfield, M., Deane, H., & Burnett, E. (2003). From surviving to thriving: A guide for beginning teachers. Newton, MA: Brookline Books.
  • Boris-Schacter, S., Bromfield, M., Deane, H., and Langer, S. (1994) From collaboration to collegiality. Teacher Education Quarterly, 21 (2), 77-89.
  • Winter, 2007 Presented a roundtable on "Enhancing the Field Experience: Strengthening Programs Through Yearlong Internships" at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Annual Conference
  • Spring, 2006 Presented on "Moving Off the Plateau: Regaining Momentum in a Mature PDS" at the 2006 Professional Development Schools National Conference