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Katherine Barone

Chair, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Katherine Barone

Katherine believes there is an in-road into almost every subject for every student – the key is to discover it. Her goal is to help students unlock their passion for learning by finding the thing that most interests them.

Katherine's areas of academic focus and expertise include: multi-cultural practice and research, especially for trauma and recovery, attachment models; and interdisciplinary scholarship in sexuality. At Lesley, Katherine teaches the following courses: Family Interventions, Foundations and Systems in the Helping Professions, Theories of Personality, and Behavioral Science Research Method.

Katherine holds a BS from St. Lawrence University and a PhD from SUNY Buffalo State.


  • Barone, K.A.  (2011) Holistically Informed: A Scientist-practitioner Offers the Perspective of Inclusion over Exclusion in Two Undergraduate Psychology Courses.  Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism and Practice.