Jesse Lonergan

MFA in Creative Writing Faculty


Comics are two worlds: the visual and the textual. To create successful comics, one must balance these two worlds and mix visuals and text to create one distinct vision, one distinct voice.

My goal as a teacher is to give students the tools necessary to take an idea and make it a reality within the medium of comics. In whatever form a piece takes, whether it be a graphic novel or a comic strip, autobiography or science fiction, it is necessary to identify and address a student’s strengths and weaknesses, find what works and what doesn’t for each individual, and provide support and guidance as students make their way through their creative process.

Within comics, this means addressing everything and anything from page layout to narrative structure, tool choices to dialogue, and character development to word balloon forms. There are many choices to be made, and my role is to make students aware of the choices and possibilities by providing an understanding of the history and context of the medium within which they are working.


Graphic Novels

Flower and Fade, 2007
Joe and Azat, 2009
All Star, 2014


This World is Not for Burning, 2017



Hellbound II, Editor, 2012
The Greatest of All Time, Editor 2012


The Rise and Fall of the Stamp Act, 2016
Subcultures, 2014
The Greatest of All Time, 2012
Cold Wind, 2011
Lies Grown Ups Told Me, 2011
Show and Tell, 2011
Outbound 2, 2010
Inbound 5, 2010
Inbound 4, 2009


Hedra, 2016
Faster Miles an Hour, 2014
Vengeance, 2014
The Great Michigan Whale and Other Stories, 2013
The Sex Sex, 2011
High Flyer Comics 1-20, 2001-2008


B.A., Arts and Literature, Hampshire College