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Jeffrey Perrin

Director, Individually Designed PhD Program

Jeff Perrin

Jeffrey Perrin is the program director of the PhD in Educational Studies: Individually Designed Specialization and Associate Professor of Psychology at Lesley University. Dr. Perrin’s current research focuses on affective responses to natural environments. Centering on aesthetic, spiritual, and experiential engagement, Jeff is primarily interested in exploring the relational unfolding between people and natural places.  At Lesley, Jeff teaches courses focused on the intersection of psychology and the environment including: Ecopsychology, Children and Nature, and Born to Be Wild: The Psychology of Wilderness Experiences.

He has presented his work at national and international conferences. Most recently Jeff has published in the Applied Environmental Education and Communication, Journal of Sustainable Education, The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Ecopsychology. He is also trained as a Climate Reality Leader by the Climate Reality Project.

Jeff holds a BA from Trinity College, a MA from University of Michigan, and a PhD from University of New Hampshire.


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