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Giuseppe Formato

Senior Lecturer

faculty member giuseppe formato smiling on the streets of cambridge

Giuseppe Formato (PhD, 2018) is a senior lecturer at Lesley University, where he has been developing and teaching courses in foreign languages and cinema since 2015 at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He is also a visiting and associated researcher at ISCTE - Lisbon University, where he is conducting his postdoctoral research at its Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology.

He served as fellow at the Camões Institute in Boston through its Fernão Mendes Pinto program. He has been an invited speaker to Emmanuel College, the Harvard Extension School, and the University of Massachusetts. He has published scholarly journals and presented at conferences in Europe and North America. His areas of research interests include critical pedagogy, education, foreign language acquisition, and linguistic ideologies. 

Recent Publications

Book Chapter:

  • Formato, Giuseppe and Cordeiro, Graça Í. (2020). Quando a variante é o que importa: reflexões partilhadas sobre os usos e os sentidos da língua portuguesa em Boston (Massachusetts, USA)" In Lechner, E., Capinha, G., Keating, M. C. (org.), Emigração em Português: Migrações, exílios, retornos e colonizações. Coimbra: Almedina (Ch. 7).

Journal Articles: