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Geoffrey Barnes

Assistant Professor, Psychology and Applied Therapies

faculty geoffrey barnes

Geoffrey's area of academic focus and expertise is expressive therapy and his concentration at Lesley is in music therapy with a specialization in mental health counseling. Geoffrey has recently taught the following courses: music therapy with children, theories in music therapy, and principles and practices of expressive therapies.

Geoffrey holds a BA in English Literature from Amherst College, a MA in Music Therapy from Antioch University, and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Research in Music Therapy, Special Education, and Psychology from Lesley University.


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  • Prizant, B.M., & Barnes, G.P. (2014). The magic of music (part one). Autism Spectrum Quarterly, 26. 
  • Barnes, G.P. (2010, March). Incorporating tactile materials in music therapy sessions for children with developmental disabilities. Paper presented at the annual conference of the New England Region of the American Music Therapy Association, Westbrook, CT.
  • Barnes, G.P. (2010, March). Describing and analyzing emerging joint attention, social interaction, and communication with children with autism during music therapy in a public preschool classroom. Paper presented at the annual Community of Scholars: A Celebration of Research and Inquiry at Lesley University, Cambridge, MA.
  • Barnes, G.P. (2010, February). Early steps in interaction and communication with preschool children with autism during two years of music therapy services in a public school classroom. Paper presented at the 31st Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum, the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.