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Gene Dorgan is an Associate Professor in the Foundation department here at the College of Art and Design. Gene has shared his expertise in painting and printmaking in the following courses: Hands, Head, Feet; Form, Content and Context; and Color and Composition. He holds an MFA and BFA in Painting from Boston University (1983) (1981) and an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts from the University of Wisconsin Center-Richland (1977).


Author, Cents and Sensibility: Why We Hate the New Money (2002 edition)


Eugene Dorgan: Mindful Gaze, Nesto Gallery, Milton Academy (2020)

Gene Dorgan: Portraits, Lesley University, Boston (2013)

Printmaking Workshop, Contemporary Art Center, Hanoi, Vietnam (2008)

American Printmakers, Module #7 Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam (2008)

Personal Website