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Dr. Adam Gamwell is a Design Anthropologist, or what he likes to call a Design-Centered Human, with international experience in ethnographic and contextual research, media production, cultural analysis, social strategy, and education. His Design Anthropology practice mixes holistic, systems-level perspectives, participatory design, and grounded, ethnographic analyses to collaboratively diagnose problems and craft solutions across culture, behavior, and environment. He is Host, Creative Lead and Executive Producer of the This Anthro Life Podcast, based in Boston, MA, and has over 15 years of audio production and sound engineering experience.

Adam is also playing with the idea of being a Research Artist, a practitioner who infuses and transforms our experiences of academically-grounded, deep research with delight, spectacle, and provocation. His work at This Anthro Life Podcast and upcoming projects (soon to be announced) blend science communication, public education, curiosity and wonder with rigorous research to help expand public consciousness, empathy and collective problem solving. He believes deeply that education is a fundamental human right, and that it should be enjoyable and engaging.

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