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Deb Todd Wheeler

MFA Faculty Member

faculty deborah todd wheeler

Deb Todd Wheeler is a Boston based media artist who produces installations, photographs, and sculptural objects that explore the aesthetic impact of human productivity, the clash between the desire to be productive, to be industrious, to push technology forward, and the fraught consequences this desire reaps. From power generating interactive installations to cataloging prints of plastic as a possible new species of marine life, to working with live Western Harvester Ants where, as Ann Wilson Lloyd wrote in Art in America, “ants are perfect collaborators for Deb Todd Wheeler, as their industry is a micro-complement to her own intensive, finely wrought crafting, and her ongoing interest in science and nature”.

Awards include a LEF Contemporary Work Fund Artist grant in Inter-media, Massachusetts Cultural Council Grants in Sculpture and Installation, as well as Photography, the New England Journal of Aesthetic Research, Artist Resource Trust, and a collaborative project grant from Artists in Context.


DeCordova Museum

Miller Yezerski Gallery

Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) at Maine College of Art in the exhibit EXCHANGE

Ellen Miller Gallery Boston

The New Britain Museum of American Art

Islip Art Museum

Megapolis Audio Art and Documentary Festival