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Dalia Llera

Professor Emerita of Counseling and Psychology

Dalia Llera

Dr. Llera, Professor, holds an Ed.D. in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University. She is a licensed psychologist and has taught in the Division of Counseling and Psychology at Lesley University since 1992. Dr. Llera has worked in a variety of school and community settings for over 30 years. Her work as teacher and clinician is informed by multicultural, feminist, developmental and ecological theories. Her doctoral research with sexually abused high school Latinas and her postdoctoral training with abused children, adolescents and their families has given her a unique perspective on sexual violence; one that considers its interface with issues of power and oppression prevalent in society. The integration of theory, practice and personal experience has influenced her belief in people's ability to heal and thrive. As a result she practices and teaches a strength-based approach that encourages and nurtures resilience.

Dr. Llera is the Coordinator of School and Community Programs in the Division of Counseling and Psychology. In this role she mentors future school counselors and community focused clinicians. She inspires her students to recognize the importance of working in urban settings and teaches them to regard schools as ideal places to promote growth, healing and social change. Moved by these objectives, she has been creating collaborations between urban public schools and the Division of Counseling and Psychology at Lesley.

Dr. Llera defines herself as an activist scholar and devotes consulting and training time to issues of social justice. Her university service is largely devoted to issues of diversity and social justice. She has co-chaired the University Diversity Council and chaired the GSASS Diversity Committee. Dr. Llera is co-editor of the book Crossing borders, making homes: Stories of resilient women, and of several articles relevant to counselor training. Her present research is focused on undocumented youth. She presents her work regionally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Llera enjoys the freedom that creativity affords and benefits spiritually from writing short stories, from music and dancing. She finds great satisfaction in her relationships with family, friends, colleagues and students, and considers it essential to enjoy life and maintain a sense of humor. She is inspired by Paulo Freire¹s work and finds hope in his assertion that it is important to participate in the creation of a world where it is easier to love.


Ed.D., Counseling and Psychology, Harvard University