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Christine Evans

Professor Emerita

Christine Evans

Dr. Evans's research has focused on the nineteenth and twentieth century European novel, literary theory, twentieth century women philosophers who wrote literature or wrote about literature, and French literature written during World War II.

She holds a BA and MA from Stanford University and a MA and PhD from Harvard University.


  • The French Historical Narrative and the Fall of France: Simone Weil and Her Contemporaries Face the Debacle. Lexington, 2022.
  • “Simone Weil et la justice d’après guerre.” Simone Weil, réception et transposition. Classiques Garnier, 2019.
  • “Une page mediocre de Renan: Le rôle de l’oubli dans la Constitution (et reconstitution) d’une nation.” (A Mediocre Page from Renan: The Role of Forgetting in the Establishment (and Reestablishment) of a Nation) Cahiers Simone Weil, Vol. 38, No. 4, Dec. 2015.
  • “La débacle vue par Simone Weil.” (The Fall of France as Seen by Simone Weil) Cahiers Simone Weil 34.2 (June 2011).
  • “Les Américains et la bonne chère: Ce que pour eux manger veut dire...” (Americans and Food: What Eating Means to Them) Archicube 11 (December 2011).