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Associate Professor Brandon Strathmann is currently directing an animated short for the Center for Ecological Teaching and Learning, an organization dedicated to protecting the seashore in Maine. This follows his dedication to preserving the world he has pursued since becoming a full-time educator. Having worked in the past for Disney, DreamWorks, Fox Film Roman, and others as an animation and game artist, he tries to teach students not only to prepare for the workforce but to feel a responsibility to seek opportunities to make the world better. 

Brandon has worked for the Aquarium of the Pacific using drawn digital animation for an exhibit featuring archer fish and modeling tumors and surgical procedures for reconstructive surgery. In addition, he has won several awards for his two independent films on protecting the ocean from pollution, including the John Muir award for environmentalism.  

He is interested in equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice, acting as the co-chair for EDIJ@LA+D. Brandon’s Japanese American heritage is vital to his research. He has designed travel classes to bring students to Japan, where they can study the culture and people where anime and manga originate. In addition, he worked with the EDIJ office at Lesley University to host a BIPOC in Anime event, giving students a chance to learn about anime from academic experts and practitioners. 

Brandon is studying Japanese aesthetics through a personal film about his family history currently, blending his research with years of Hollywood animation to expand upon his abilities and meet the interests of many of his students. He remains a member of the Cartoonists Guild. He seeks opportunities to learn more about the field to have the breadth of ability to advise and mentor students in animation, gaming, and special effects.