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Becky Bettencourt

Adjunct Faculty

Becky smiling in t-shirt that says "Mermaid" with books and a laptop in the background

Becky Bettencourt is an alumna of Lesley Art + Design (formerly the Art Institute of Boston, 2007) and is currently an adjunct professor of animation, animator, storyboard artist, and jewelry designer. For her personal work, Ms. Bettencourt experiments with stop motion techniques and unique narrative structures. Her work often features themes and aesthetics related to fairytales and history. As a storyboard artist, Ms. Bettencourt has boarded human rights campaign projects, public service announcements, and independent films. Some of her favorite filmmakers include Lotte Reiniger, Evelyn Lambert, Jan Svankmajer, Marta Pajek, and the Quay Brothers.