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Barry Brodsky

MFA in Creative Writing Faculty

faculty barry brodsky

I have been teaching playwriting since 1990 and screenwriting since 1998. My total love for theatre and movies (and TV too) as well as the history of these genres, drives my instruction. I'm always intrigued at the seemingly infinite number of ways people want to tell a visual story. Just when I thought I'd seen it all, some student will come to a class, or send me an assignment, that will test the boundaries of everything I thought I knew about writing for the Stage and Screen. And that's when the fun begins. As I read something I'm working on, I'll often stop and think "I'd never accept this from a student," shake my head, hit the "delete" button, and try it again.

It all pays off when I'm sitting in a theatre, or a classroom, and watching (or listening) to a student's work being read or performed. I remember the piece's various drafts. I marvel when something I told the student wouldn't work does work after all. I can feel the attention being paid to the spoken word. And I can't imagine doing anything else.



All Other Nights
The Twelve-forty
The Surrender 

Produced Plays

The Boys of Winter 
Patriotic Duty 
King Street Mixup 
After Shabbos 
Late Truck 
Miss Colleen's Abortion 
Debating Malcolm
The Last Interview.


The Twelve Forty at the Swampscott, MA Arts Center, June, 2021


The Twelve-Forty
I Miss You


Screenplay I Miss You shown at the 2012 Algerian Film Festival. Two-time semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Film Writer's Competition. Nominee for Best New Play in 2008 by Independent Reviewers of New England for The Boys of Winter. His play Returnees was named a finalist in 2008 at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. 

Past Affiliations

Emerson College, Boston University Film School, University of Massachusetts, Boston; Brandeis University, Mass. College of Art, Roxbury Community College, Bristol Community College.