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Anne holds a doctorate in English Literature and an MA in Humanities from the State University of New York at Buffalo, where she studied poetry with Robert Creeley, Irving Feldman, and John Logan. 

She's an alum of Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA, has studied at the Linklater Studio, and developed the Drama Minor and Drama track in Lesley's English major. A former member of the Small Press Alliance of Boston and editor of Oak Square Magazine, she also started Commonthought Magazine at Lesley.

Anne currently teaches courses in English Composition, Creative Writing, Literature, and Play Production: Shakespeare. In the past, she's worked with master's students and directed two doctoral dissertations. Her classrooms strive to be safe places of mutual respect and diligence.


  • Book - The Deepest Part of Dark - Sick Puppy Press April 2020.
  • Five poems in Muddy River Poetry Review (2019).
  • Three poems in Truck :: n. a self-propelled vehicle for carrying goods, Resolution/Revolution.
  • Short story “Hartsfield Jackson, I’m Going Back to Atlanta” in Letras Caseras.
  • Two poems “Oz” and “Summer” published in Earth Daughter’s Anniversary Issue.
  • Ebook - Lubbock Electric – Argosit Press February 2012. 
  • Argotist Otherstream anthology. Two poems Vol. 1.
  • Argotist Otherstream anthology. Two poems Vol. 2.

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