Lesley University's Mindfulness Programs

Apply mindfulness to your career with a degree or certificate from Lesley University.

Cultivate a more mindful presence

Lesley’s first-of-its-kind Mindfulness Studies master’s degree program will prepare you to enrich your life as well as the lives of others. With mindfulness training in increasingly high demand, you’ll be at the forefront of applying mindfulness to your field of study and career.

Our low-residency format allows you to fit rigorous study and intensive meditation practice into your busy schedule. 

Programs Offered

  • Master of Arts (MA) in Mindfulness Studies (low residency)
  • Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness Studies (low residency)
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Richard Biehl mindfulness alum

Mindfulness in a Police Precinct

Richard Biehl ‘18 says his yoga practice has brought tremendous benefits into his life and the precinct where he’s the chief of police. And he sees it as more than just a tool for stress reduction. “It’s about living a good life, a life where we really are being effective in what we’re doing. We can be focused. The world doesn’t disrupt us as much. There’s this sense of: ‘No matter what happens during the day, I can handle it.’ That’s a great gift.”