Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates and fees vary by program, and are effective as of June 1 each year. Rates are subject to change.

Review our Glossary of Fees for an explanation of the various fees and what they cover.

  • Tuition: On-Campus Undergraduate Programs
    Type of Program 2018-2019 2019-2020
    Fall & Spring on Campus    
    Full-time (12–18 credits/semester) $13,800/semester $14,250/semester
    Overload (each credit over 18) $540/credit $540/credit
    Part-time (up to 11.5 credits/semester) $920/credit $950/credit
    Audit $920/course $950/course
    Summer Courses on Campus $540/credit $445/credit
    Summer Online Courses $430/credit $445/credit


  • Tuition: Online Undergraduate Programs

    These tuition rates are for our fully online bachelor's degree programs and post-baccalaureate certificate programs.

    Type of Course 2018-2019 2019-2020
    Online courses $430/credit $445/credit
  • Tuition: Adult Degree Completion Programs
    Type of Course 2018–2019 2019–2020
    On-campus courses $540/credit $540/credit
    Online courses $430/credit $445/credit
    Lesley at Bunker Hill Community College $430/credit $445/credit
    Lesley at New Bedford $390/credit $390/credit
    Prior Learning Assessment $100/credit $100/credit
    Audit $540/course $540/course

    Prior Learning Assessment

    Charges $100/credit for any academic credits you earn for college-level learning you got from your past experiences, as identified in the Prior Learning Assessment course.


  • Room & Board
    Fall/Spring 2018–2019 2019–2020
    Single Room $5,230/semester $5,230/semester
    Double/Triple/Quad Room $4,930/semester $4,930/semester
    Campus Meal Plan - Required if you live on campus $3,185/semester $3,185/semester
    Housing Deposit $300/year $300/year
    Minimum Damage Assessment $25 $25

    Summer Housing 

    For more information, visit Summer Housing.

  • Fees
    Activity Fees 2018–2019 2019–2020
    First-year students and transfers:    
    Full-time (12–16 credits/semester) $125/semester $125/semester
    Part-time (6–11.5 credits/semester) $100/semester $100/semester
    Part-time (fewer than 6 credits/semester) $25/semester $25/semester
    Adult learners (degree completion) Charged if taking 6+ credits/semester in
    a campus-based program.
    $30/semester $30/semester
    College of Art and Design Facilities Fee    
    Full-time (12–16 credits/semester) $250/semester $250/semester
    Part-time (up to 11.5 credits/semester) $100/semester $100/semester
    Degree Completion Fee $75 $75
    Health Service Fee (required for resident students; optional for commuters) $400/semester $400/semester
    Lab Fee $20/semester $20/semester
    Materials Fee (estimate - varies by course) $15/course $15/course
    New Student Orientation Fee (first-year and transfer students only)  $125 $125
    Registration Fee $40/semester
    $20/8-week term
    $20/8-week term
    Technology Fee $30/online course $30/online course
  • Student Health Insurance (Undergraduate)

    Charged if you're a full-time or a three-quarter time undergraduate student, unless you opt out.

    Student Health Insurance 2018–2019 2019–2020
    Annual rate $2,392 TBA
    Spring-only rate $1,410 TBA

    Learn more about Student Health Insurance.

  • Tuition Insurance (Optional)

    Charged if you are a full-time student, unless you opt out.

    Tuition Insurance (optional Annual (2019–2020) Spring Only (2020)
    Off-campus commuter TBA TBA
    On-campus resident TBA TBA

    Learn more about tuition insurance in the Glossary of Fees

  • Late Fees & Penalties

    Fees that apply to all students

      2018-2019 2019-2020
    Late Registration Fee $100/semester $100/semester
    Late Payment Fee $100/month $100/month
    Declined Payment Fee $50 $50
    Replacement Check Fee $20 $20
    Check-in Fee $50/semester $50/semester
    Conduct Sanction Violation Fee Varies Varies
    Student ID Replacement Fee $25.00 $25.00


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