Guide for Off-Campus Employers

Have a professional job to fill in your school or organization? Need a babysitter or tutor for your children? Consider hiring a talented Lesley student or alum.

Our Career Resource Center can help you post the position where our students and graduates look for full- and part-time work—the Lesley Career Connection.

We welcome postings from all employers, and even families needing help in their homes. We’re especially interested in jobs matching our students’ and alumni areas of expertise:

  • Art & Design
  • Business Management
  • Counseling & Expressive Therapies
  • Education, Teaching, and Guidance (schools)
  • Environment & Science
  • Human Services & Nonprofit
  • Intercultural/International Relations

If your opening is with a nonprofit community organization, you can also apply to be a Federal Work-Study employer. If approved, you’ll be able to hire students who’ve received Work-Study in their financial aid, for part-time work.

Important note about internships

If your position might be an internship, talk with our internship supervisors first. They’ll help you determine if it’s an appropriate internship for our students before you post it.

  • Art & Design Internships: Email Josh Cornillon at
  • Undergraduate Liberal Arts and Sciences Internships: Email the Internship Office at
  • Graduate Internships: Email the Career Resource Center at and they’ll put you in touch with the right office.
  • Post a Job: Organizations

    Create a profile and post your organization’s positions. You can also review Lesley candidates who’ve uploaded their résumés.

    Create Your Profile

    1. Go to the Lesley Career Connection. Select “click here to register.”
    2. Type in your organization’s name. If you are a public school, type the name of the school district, not the school. If the organization’s name appears, click on the check mark next to it, then “continue.” Go to your organization’s profile. Skip to step #7 below. If the name doesn’t appear, try again with part of the organization’s name. If it still doesn’t come up, choose “can’t find your organization?” and fill in your information. Follow steps 3–9.
    3. Type of organization: Select the categories that best describe your organization, not the job posting.
    4. Human services employers: Include the population your organization serves. All others, skip this question.
    5. Fill out the next set of fields. If your organization has an online application process, provide the website’s URL in the “Online Application Address” field. Don’t put an email address here. If you don’t have a URL, leave it blank.
    6. Employer Directory: Select “yes” to be in the directory, so candidates have access to your company information even when you don’t have positions listed. (Optional, but recommended.)
    7. Fill out the contact information: All jobs must be connected to a contact.
    8. Create a user name and password. Save it for future use. Click “Register.”
    9. We’ll email you once we’ve approved your profile, usually within 2 business days. You may enter positions before your profile is approved. We’ll let you know once your positions are available to candidates.

    Post Your Job

    Now that you have a profile, you can post your organization’s full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal jobs for Lesley students and alumni.

    1. Log into Lesley Career Connection.
    2. In the menu, select My Positions > New Position.
    3. Fill in the required fields.
    4. Under Position Category, select the categories that best describe the job or internship.
    5. Select “Yes” to “Include Contact Information in Listing?”
    6. Choose an expiration date. If you don’t close the job, it’ll expire in 6 weeks or on the date you picked.
    7. Save, then sign out. You’ll get an email once your position is approved.
    8. After you’ve filled a position, log in and choose My Position > Position List > Close Job.
  • Post a Job: Individuals & Families

    If you’re an individual or family looking for part-time student help in your home, here’s how to set up a profile and post a job.

    Create Your Profile

    1. Go to the Lesley Career Connection. Select “click here to register.”
    2. First time users: Select: “Can’t find your organization?”
    3. Enter your employer information. Example: Mary Smith Family; Smith Family
    4. Employer Category: Select “Private Family/Individual.”
    5. Organization Description: Write something short. Examples: “Private Family” or “Cambridge Family.”
    6. Employer Directory: Select “No” to “Include in Employer Directory?” Individuals seeking to hire students should not be listed in the employer directory.
    7. If you want to skip a required field, type N/A.
    8. Create a user name and password.
    9. Click “Register.”

    Post Your Job

    Now that you have an individual or family profile, you can post jobs. Candidates contact you directly. Check your SPAM folder in case a student’s email winds up there.

    Our students are taking classes and internships, so they may not be available to work more than 10–15 hours/week. Many graduate students have classes from 4:00 pm–6:45 pm. If you’d consider hiring 2 students to fill one position, put that in the posting.

    1. Log into  Lesley Career Connection.
    2. In the menu, select My Positions > New Position.
    3. Fill in the required fields.
      1. Position Description: Include the age of children and special needs, if applicable, distance from Lesley University, responsibilities, days and hours, and access to public transportation.
      2. Email Address: If you indicate that you don’t want your contact information included in the job listing, make sure your email address is listed in the “Additional Application Information” section so students can contact you.
    4. Save and sign out. You’ll get an email when your position has been approved.
    5. After you fill the position, log in and choose My Positions > Position List > Close Job.
  • Career Expos and Events

    The Career Resource Center hosts several career fairs each year focused on students completing their undergraduate or graduate degrees. Employers who best match students' career interests are invited to the fairs.

  • Federal Work-Study Program

    If you’re a nonprofit organization serving the community, you may be able to hire Lesley students through our Federal Work-Study program. This is a great way for you to get some help, at an affordable cost, while giving a Lesley student a chance to learn and grow.

    Lesley’s Federal Work-Study funds cover 75 percent of the student’s wages, and your organization would be responsible for 25 percent.

    Application Process

    Complete 3 steps to apply to become an off-campus employer in our Federal Work-Study program:

    1. Complete our Off-Campus Contract (PDF).
    2. Fill out a Job Description Form (PDF) for each position you have. If you want to hire a few students for the same job, fill out 1 job description and include the number of students you want to hire.
    3. Submit an IRS letter showing your agency’s nonprofit status.

    Send all forms to our Financial Aid Office:

    Lesley University
    Financial Aid Office
    29 Everett Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Fax: 617.349.8667

    Hiring Work-Study Students

    After we’ve accepted your application, our Financial Aid Office will post the job on the Lesley University Student Employment Portal. Our students use this site to look for and apply to Work-Study jobs. Review the applications in the system, and decide which students you’d like to hire.

    Before any students can begin working for you:

    1. The students have to fill out a W-4 form and I-9 form and give them to our Financial Aid Office. Once that happens, you’ll be able to hire them in the portal.
    2. Check with students you hire about the amount of their Federal Work-Study award, so you know the maximum they can earn for the year.
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