Examine opportunities for professional learning in your school. 

Online: March 16–May 10, 2020 (Spring Term II)

This online course is for literacy coaches, teacher leaders, and administrators who want to understand how to work with their colleagues to promote engagement. Understand the effect that reflection of teaching has on student learning. 

You can take this 3-credit online course individually or as part of the 12-credit online Graduate Certificate in Literacy Coaching and Teacher Leadership. It is a required course for this certificate.

You must have access to a school environment to participate and complete the assignments. This course cannot replace EEDUC 7130 or EEDUC 7103.

  • Course Outcomes
    • Build knowledge of the elements of school culture that promote ongoing professional learning and support the development of social and professional capital.
    • Discuss Vygotsky’s views on development as they relate to adult learning experiences.
    • Compare models of professional learning.
    • Design professional learning opportunities that support identified learning goals.
    • Use a variety of artifacts to support inquiry in adult learning groups.
    • Build a repertoire of language that extends thinking and fosters discussion and reflection during learning conversations.
    • Develop a topic guide for implementing professional learning experiences focused on an identified goal and a process for evaluating the effectiveness of adult learning experiences.
  • Required Texts

    Participation in this course requires all of the books to learn the content. 

    • Weaver, L. & Wilding, M. (2013). The 5 dimensions of engaged teaching: A practical guide for educators. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.
    • Dufour, R. & Fullan, M. (2011). Cultures built to last: Systemic PLCs at work. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press. 

    Getting the Texts

    We are unable to lend participants any books. Please plan to:

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3 Graduate Credits

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