Lesley students, alumni, faculty, and staff are making big things happen, from coast to coast and around the world.

Miranda Aisling in her tiny house
Miranda Aisling ’13
Andy Mellen studied Special Education: Severe Disabilities at Lesley University.
Andy Mellen ’17
Aqueela Culbreath-Britt writing outside in a sunny park.
Aqueela Culbreath-Britt ’18
“I love creating a sense of community, joy, and high expectations—and getting kids somewhere they maybe didn’t think they could go.”
Sydney Chaffee ’07, 2017 National Teacher of the Year
Leona Watson ’14

Empowering Middle Schoolers to Become Active Citizens

As a school counselor in Dorchester, Massachusetts, counseling and psychology alum Leona empowers middle schoolers to advocate for themselves.

Sweet potato pies with a piece of heart-shaped dough in the center.
Integrated Teaching Through the Arts alumna Rose McGee brings unity through Sweet Potato Comfort Pies.
Imani Graham and Hanna Adams (who is on the right) smile and Hannah waves during a run.
Threshold alumna Hanna Adams ’13 overcame multiple disabilities to make her Boston Marathon dream a reality.
A layout from Sara Levine's book Bone by Bone - on the left a snake looks at a girl who has a body for a snake. It says "Snakes don't have arm or leg bones becuase they don't have any arms or legs." On the right, a boy with no nose and his legs are missing beneath his trousers - "What kind of an animal would you be if we took away your leg bones but kept your arm bones? Here's a hint: We'd also move your breathing holes from the front of our face to the top of your skull."
MFA in Creative Writing alumna makes hard science easy for kids.
Sgt. Elize McKeley painting a mural
Art & Design
Art school graduate Elize McKelvey finds her niche as Marine Corps combat artist.
Mary Pyne's Portrait While Sitting
Mary's passion for cross-cultural understanding drives her work with international students.
Judith Yovel Recanati, founder of NATAL
An Expressive Therapies graduate creates a center for healing in a country torn apart by war.
Craig Martin, principal of the Michael J. Perkins School in South Boston.
Craig Martin ’07
José Gonzalez in his science lab
José Gonzalez ’13