Getting Around Cambridge

Our urban campus is easily reached by public transportation. Here you'll find everything you need to know about getting around Lesley and the City of Cambridge. 

Public Transportation

Public transportation is very accessible at Lesley University. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA, or the “T”) is the public transit system (subways, buses, trains, and boats) in the state. The closest stations are Porter Square and Harvard Square, both on the Red Line. There are also a number of bus routes that are convenient to campus.

If you have questions or need additional information about public transportation support offered by Lesley, contact Commuter Student Services at or call 617.349.8592.

MBTA Discounted Semester T Pass

Lesley Students (both commuters and residents) can order discounted semester MBTA passes through Commuter Student Services. With this pass you can get 11% off the monthly fare and unlimited rides for four months on the MBTA, (students can choose from bus, link (bus/subway), express bus, commuter rail, and boat passes).

You can purchase your Semester T Pass for the Fall and Spring Semesters through the university. Contact the Commuter Student Services at or 617.349.8592. Download the order form below for payment and pass options. Payment is due in full at the time of your order. Typically, you will need to order by the end of July for the fall or the end of December for spring but pay attention tot he posted deadlines and order dates are set by the MBTA and they do not accept late orders. Once ordered, you can pick up your T-pass from at 11 Mellen Street, 1ST floor, Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–5:00 pm (excluding holidays).

Download the Spring 2019 Order Form (PDF). The deadline for spring 2019 is Monday, January 7th at 5pm.
Download the MBTA Spring 2019 T Pass Order Instructions and FAQ Sheet (PDF).
Ordering via credit card? Download the Credit Card Authorization Letter (PDF) if you are not the credit card holder.


A good alternative for traveling by bus or subway is to get a hard, plastic CharlieCard and add a cash value to the card. Values can be added to the card at any MBTA station vending machine or added electronically through the MBTA’s MyCharlieCardAccount, which will also protect the card if it is lost or stolen.

Monthly Passes

Before purchasing a monthly pass, you should consider the frequency and type of public transportation you may need. A monthly pass can be an excellent value, but only if your use of it will be equal to or greater than the monthly fee. Unlike the CharlieCard that can be used any time, monthly passes are valid for one month only.