Dear Lesley Community Member,
The University will OPEN at 11:00am Monday, March 4, 2019 because of the winter storm Sunday into Monday.

Snow began Sunday evening, from west to east. Snow will end around 6am in western MA, and around 10am in eastern MA. The time period for the heaviest snow is forecast to occur between 10pm Sunday and 6am Monday. A widespread 6-10” is forecast through central and eastern MA. Berkshire County may receive slightly lower snow amounts, between 4-8”. Lesser snow amounts in Southeastern MA, with 3-6” forecast, and snow changing to rain on the Cape and Islands. 

All Lesley community members are urged to take public transportation today and give the crews time to cleanup the parking lots.  Snow piles will reduce the number of parking spaces available.  Please exercise caution as you travel to and from campus. We understand that travel may be difficult, especially from the Western part of the state and that some may need to alter their schedules. Those who need to significantly alter their work schedules due to unsafe travel conditions in their local areas should be in contact with their supervisor/or faculty. 
Travel safe,
Michele Trifiro
Director of Campus Safety and Services