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Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a self-service web-based tool where you, as the student, can grant real-time access to your academic account information to your parent/guardian.

Granting Access to the Parent Portal

Granting access is done through LOIS, but is also accessible from Self-Service. Through the portal, your parent/guardian will have access to the following information should you choose to grant it:

  • Option A - Academic Information
    • Student Transcript
    • Student Schedule
    • Student Grades

If you take no action, access will not be granted. If you wish to revoke access granted to a parent/guardian or other 3rd party, you may select the following option

    • Option R - No Access

    If you grant Option A access to your designated parent/guardian, he or she will have direct access to the same electronic records listed under Option A as you have through your LOIS account. Your other records, or information from those records, may be shared with your designated parent/guardian through conversations with Lesley University representatives and/or separate copies.

    Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and subject to certain exceptions, the university may not release information pertaining to your education record to another individual unless authorized by you. Go to our FERPA page to learn more information about privacy rights.

    Your education records include many items such as grades, course performance, schedules, financial aid, tuition and fees, misconduct/disciplinary investigations, residence life information, and disability accommodations.

    You determine and control the level of access that your parent/guardian has to your account information. You may change the access level at any time.

    Step-by-step instructions

    • Step 1

      After logging in, select the "Students" menu bar.

      Parent Portal Step 2
      LOIS Welcome Screen
    • Step 2

      Scroll to the bottom right of the Students Menu and click on the 'Grant Rights to Parent/Guardian/Other' link.

      Parent Portal Step 3
      LOIS - Students Menu


      Parent Portal Step 3 Part 2
      LOIS - Parent Portal Submenu


    • Step 3

      Verify the individual(s) you wish to grant portal access is listed on the 'Parent/Guardian/Other' screen. Skip to Step 8 if the individual is not listed on this screen.

      Parent Portal Step 4
      Grant Rights to Parent/Guardian/Other
    • Step 4

      Check the 'Grant' box that corresponds to the individual you wish to grant portal access. Make any corrections necessary to the individual's email address.

      Parent Portal Step 5
      Grant Rights to Parent/Guardian/Other
    • Step 5

      Select the Access Level you wish this individual to have to your record. You may choose either: A - Academic Information, or R - No Access. (Note: You must uncheck the Grant Box when R - No Access is selected.)

      Parent Portal Step 6
      Grant Rights to Parent/Guardian/Other
    • Step 6

      Click the Submit button. This button generates an email to the individual(s) you selected providing them with step-by-step instructions on how to access the system.

      Parent Portal Step 7
      Grant Rights to Parent/Guardian/Other
    • Step 7

      (This step is required only if the individual is NOT listed on the 'Grant Rights to Parent/Guardian' screen.)
      Click on the Add Parent/Guardian link.

      Parent Portal Step 8
      Parent Portal Submenu
    • Step 8

      Enter your parent / guardian information on the Parent/Guardian form and click the Submit button.

      Parent Portal Step 9
      Add Parent/Guardian
    • Step 9

      Click the Submit button. Once the individual is confirmed you will receive an email instructing you to return to LOIS to Grant access privileges / viewing rights to this individual (Step 1). Please note: It may take up to 2-3 business days for new requests to be processed.