Fall 2020 Guidance
In response to COVID-19, university courses and operations remain predominantly online for fall.

Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research provides timely information and analysis to both the Lesley community and to external entities to support evidence‐based decision making and planning. The office seeks to implement a holistic process of institutional research and decision making, by working with faculty and staff and other constituencies, to enable university-wide data informed decisions. We see student success as a core element of effective decision-support in a modern higher education institution.  As such we believe in an expanded definition of decision makers which not only includes senior decision makers, but also students, faculty, and staff that need accessible data to address their needs and decision-making.

Retention, Graduation, and Transfer-Out statistics

IPEDS Official Fall to Fall Retention Rates (first-time, full-time, Bachelor students only).

  • Fall 2014 Cohort: 80%
  • Fall 2015 Cohort: 80%
  • Fall 2016 Cohort: 80%
  • Fall 2017 Cohort: 80%
  • Fall 2018 Cohort: 81%

IPEDS Official Six Year Graduation Rates (first-time, full-time, Bachelor students only).

  • Fall 2009 Cohort: 54%
  • Fall 2010 Cohort: 55%
  • Fall 2011 Cohort: 60%
  • Fall 2012 Cohort: 61%
  • Fall 2013 Cohort: 60%

IPEDS Official Transfer-Out Rates (first-time, full-time, Bachelor students only).

  • Fall 2009 Cohort: 34%
  • Fall 2010 Cohort: 30%
  • Fall 2011 Cohort: 30%
  • Fall 2012 Cohort: 25%
  • Fall 2013 Cohort: 30%