Educational Effectiveness

Lesley University’s Educational Effectiveness Team provides leadership to assess and enhance the educational experience and outcomes of our graduates across all programs, all modalities, and all locations.  We seek to build systemic, systematic, and sustainable structures, policies, and practices for continuous learning and improvement based on evidence.   We work in collaboration and partnership with each of the schools and Threshold, with faculty and administrations to support effectiveness at the course, program, unit, and institutional level.  Our work is grounded in reflective practice, a data-informed approach, and attentive listening to build consensus and shared understanding of assessment results and implications.

2017-2018 Goals/Priorities

Systemic, centralized, research-oriented resource for student learning

  • Provide information for program review, assessment resources, and tools for understanding student data
  • Create interactive data sets for increasing organizational understanding of key indicators of student success
  • Support General Education assessment
  • Provide data to inform decisions regarding curricular innovation and co-curricular experiences impact on learning

Student Success: Retention and Graduation Success for All Students

  • Support  assessment of diversity and inclusion efforts and planning for inclusion initiatives
  • Build capacity for streamlined transfer credit evaluation process
  • Plan ESL Pathway and other supports for identified subgroups of student populations
  • Build targeted retention activities such as First Year Experience and assess their efficacy
  • Streamline the student experience based on evidence from surveys and data

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Support and elevate practices that model continuous Improvement based on evidence
  • Advance planning via projects such as the Colleague Scheduling Module
  • Increase the integration of academic affairs and student affairs via assessment and planning
  • Support cross-university systems development including translating paper-based processes to electronic (Dynamic Forms, e-portfolio, online course evaluations).
  • Increase online training/resources

2017-18 Members

Chair: Lisa Ijiri, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs


  • Milena Damianova, Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Randi Korn, Special Assistant to the Provost for Retention and Student Success
  • Sheryl Lewis, Director of Systems for Organizational Effectiveness
  • Linda Pursley, Director of Assessment
  • Jen Serowick, Associate Vice President for Adult Learning
  • Heather Tillberg-Webb, Associate Provost for Systems Planning, and Administration
  • Alexander Wagner, Director of Institutional Research