Welcome Back, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Students

A special message from Dean Steven S. Shapiro.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 academic year from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences! I hope that you have had an enjoyable and interesting summer.

This fall, I am thrilled to introduce and welcome five impressive people to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty:

  • Tatiana Cruz (Humanities) – PhD in History, University of Michigan
  • Grace Ferris (NSM) – PhD in Organic Chemistry, Boston College
  • James Mason (Business Management) – MBA in Global Business, Cornell University; PhD in Socio-Technical Systems, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Uma Millner (PsyAT) – PhD in Counseling Psychology, Boston College
  • Nafisa Tanjeem (Social Sciences) – PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies, Rutgers University

Welcome back to Lisa Fiore (Education), Dave Morimoto (Natural Sciences and Mathematics), Robin Roth (Social Sciences), and Rob Wauhkonen (Humanities) from their spring sabbaticals. We all missed their presence on campus and are looking forward to working with them again this year.

This semester, they—and Christine Evans (Humanities) who returned this past spring from a fall 2016 sabbatical—will be giving presentations at these times to the Lesley Community about their sabbatical work. Please plan to attend.

Dean's Office Open House & Ice Cream Social

On Monday, September 11 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, the Dean’s Office will host an Open House to celebrate the beginning of the academic year. Please feel free to stop by 29 Mellen Street to chat and enjoy some refreshments.

We are also celebrating the beginning of the fall semester with an Ice Cream Social for students, staff and faculty on Wednesday, September 13 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. This event will take place outside of the student center. However, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, the event will be held inside Marran Gallery.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Reads

As part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Reads tradition, incoming first-year students have read bell hooks’ Writing Beyond Race: Living Theory and Practice. Students will be discussing this book in their English Composition and other courses this fall.

In addition, we will host a panel discussion of this book on Thursday, September 21 in Marran Theater with several faculty. Though published in 2013, dr. hooks’ essays on examining white supremacy and what it means to live in a “post-racial” world when racism so clearly exists are as timely than ever. I highly recommend that all students, staff, and faculty read this book and hope that you will attend the event.

Boston Speakers Series

Three Boston Speaker Series speakers will be coming to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to speak with students, staff, and faculty. Jon Meacham, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his biography of Andrew Jackson, will be here on Wednesday, November 1 to talk with students, staff, and faculty. To hear from, and ask questions of, such accomplished individuals is a very unusual opportunity; I hope that you will take advantage of these special events.

This year promises to be an exciting one on many other fronts, too, including a new fund available to support students who are doing research and/or presenting at conferences. 

I have now been at Lesley for a little over a year and I have found my time here to be stimulating and rewarding. Many thanks to all for making my first full year so fulfilling. I remain delighted to be a part of this special community. I look forward to working with you all this year and I wish you an enjoyable, productive and successful semester!


Steven S. Shapiro, PhD
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences