Fall 2020 Guidance
In response to COVID-19, university courses and operations remain predominantly online for fall.

Apply as a first-year student, transfer, or adult learner.

Before you can take advantage of our 35+ undergraduate programs, you’ll need to apply. Our application requirements differ depending on the academic program and where you are in your student journey. So, choose the type of student you'll be—first-year, transfer, or adult learner—and what you plan to study to get your specific program's application requirements.

You can also access the application requirements from your academic program's web page.

You're a First-Year Student.

You’re applying to college for the first time and that’s a huge deal. To find the application requirements you need to complete, choose the undergraduate program you plan to pursue.

You're a Transfer Student.

Did you know that we accept up to 90 credits? We can help you maximize the credits you transfer from other colleges, making it possible to finish your degree faster. 

And if you're wondering if your credits will transfer, log in to Transferology, add the courses you've taken, and see how they'll transfer to Lesley University.

To access the application requirements you need to complete, choose the type of undergraduate program you plan to pursue as a transfer student.

You're an Adult Learner.

You might be wondering, am I an adult learner or a transfer student? That depends on the type of learning and experiences you have when you come to Lesley.

Adult learners frequently juggle multiple roles and need a flexible schedule. They have transfer credits from one or more colleges, as well as college-level learning from work and experience. Sound like you? We can help you receive credit for your prior learning and help you complete your bachelor's degree.

To find the application requirements you need to complete, choose the type of program you plan to pursue.

You have a bachelor's degree but want more training.

We offer a few post-baccalaureate certificates in art & design for students who have completed their bachelor's degree and are looking for additional training. 

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Awarding of Advanced Credit

There are several ways you can earn college-level credit before you start your undergraduate program, shortening the time it takes to earn your degree. At Lesley, we award undergraduate students advanced credit in the following ways.

  • Transfer Credit
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Credit (AP Courses and Equivalencies PDF)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Examination Credit (IB Exam Curriculum Mapping PDF)
  • General Certificate of Education Advanced Level – GCE A-Level (A-Level Course Mapping PDF)
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams
  • American Council on Education Credit (college-level learning from training, professional development, or military experience)
  • Lesley’s Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Process (earn credit for past work and life experience)

Learn more about our policies and procedures for Awarding Advanced Credit.

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