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Photography & Integrated Media

Master of Fine Arts (MFA), two-year, full-time graduate program

Immerse yourself in a community that is redefining photography.

Photography has become amorphous. As it shifts and evolves in contemporary practice, it escapes a static definition. This is the premise on which we designed our MFA program.

Embrace the medium’s transformation, and view image making not as a single area of study, but as the integration of photography with traditional studio practices and digital and light-based media. Explore traditional and alternative practices, new technology, and contemporary media. Access world-class facilities, resources, and a renowned core and visiting artist/scholar faculty. Guide photography’s future.

Grounded in seminars and critical discourse, professional studies, and concentrated studio practice, the MFA in Photography and Integrated Media curriculum is primarily self-designed and encourages individualization and experimentation.

Explore the historical, cultural, and contemporary nuances of photography and its relationships and integration to traditional media, culture, and critical studies. Through rigorous study, enhance your understanding of photographic art traditions while developing the necessary tools and expertise to continuously flex, refine, and evolve within your personal artistic vision.

A new rotation of all-star visiting contemporary artists, historians, curators, and theorists join our faculty full time each semester. Over the course of your program, you will have five distinct team-taught Graduate Seminars out of a choice of eight, semester-long opportunities, to be guided by trailblazers in visual culture. Tap into our extended professional community to access prestigious internships, teaching fellowships, independent studies, and teaching assistantships. Through experiential learning opportunities, acquire the tools and strategies to forge a lifelong career in the photographic arts.

Program Structure

Two-Year, Full-Time, On-Campus Program

60 Credits
tin type Self portrait by Matthew Klos
Student Story
Matthew Klos ’18

Matthew, who experienced sudden paralysis in 2016, uses alternative process photography to explore physical forms and confront struggles in life.

Samantha Nieto Vargas, MFA in Photography and Integrated Media
Student Story
Samantha Nieto ’18

Samantha, recently recognized as one of Boston’s top emerging talents, fuses Catholic iconography with pop culture influences from childhood.

“I’m fascinated by unknown territory and pioneering technology, whether that means visualizing, by way of photography, things that seem un-photographable or carving a path for new types of image making.”
Danielle Ezzo ’15, MFA in Photography
Opportunities to Expand Your Career
Take advantage of opportunities to advance your professional ambitions. These can include internships, undergraduate teaching assistantships, mentored independent studies, traditional coursework, and our competitive adjunct faculty teaching fellowships. Recent internships include:
Visiting Artist/Scholars
During their tenure, visiting artist/scholars team-teach our graduate studio seminars alongside core faculty, provide feedback during juries, and act as professional mentors.
alum mfa in photo dan-baird-miller abstract photograph
Daniel Baird-Miller ’14
“I tend to gravitate towards experimentation and trial by fire,” says Daniel Baird-Miller. “Much like wine, film has a shelf life. I appreciate when film goes out of date, because the typical results shift, change, and sometimes become more fascinating to me.” Though Baird-Miller has never fully transitioned to digital, the photographic artist defiantly resists the title of Luddite. He produces prints in the darkroom and digitally, but his core practice remains steadfastly based in film.
Jobs You Could Have
Photographers are in high demand across a wide range of industries, from the arts and education, to advertising, marketing, and beyond. Some of the job titles for someone with a photography degree include:


Total approximate cost for this master's degree program.
Photography & Integrated Media
  • Tuition
    $1,030/credit x 60
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    Degree Completion Fee
  • Merit Scholarship
    Merit Scholarship
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Estimated Cost

Each year, the College of Art and Design awards $497,000 in merit scholarships to newly admitted MFA students to offset the cost of attending the program. Awards for students in this program range from $7,500 to $15,000. Other forms of financial aid may also be available. Review all graduate tuition and fees, and what they cover. Tuition and fees are subject to change each year, effective June 1.

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Total approximate cost for this master's degree program. Tuition and fees are for the 2019-2020 academic year.
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