Social Sciences

International Higher Education & Intercultural Relations

Master of Arts (MA), full-time or part-time graduate program

Open doors to a global career.

Discover how to collaborate with diverse populations and promote communication, mutual respect, and understanding across educational and professional settings.

Explore your own identity and cultural background, and come to understand how culture influences and informs communication, behavior, and expectations. Develop your capacity for interpersonal interaction and intrapersonal reflection. Transform the way you perceive and work with others in today’s interdependent global community.

View multiculturalism through a different lens than traditional international relations programs. Instead of focusing on macro political and economic issues, learn how to foster skills that facilitate intercultural interactions among people of diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Working within our graduate program’s flexible framework, tailor your studies to your interests and career aspirations, building the tools and knowledge needed for work in a range of fields. By creating a personalized curriculum, choose to focus in-depth on issues in international higher education or international relations.

Through professional internships, apply academic theory to hands-on work in culturally rich environments. Pursue opportunities in the Boston area or as far away as New Zealand. Graduate connected to Lesley University’s global network of professionals and educators and prepared for employment in dynamic settings in the U.S. and abroad.

Program Structure

Full-Time or Part-Time On-Campus Program

36 Credits
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Focus: Intercultural Relations

Enhance your ability to facilitate intercultural interactions and understanding in an organization or community with diverse populations, including higher education, government, public and private schools, nonprofits, and the private sector.

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Focus: International Higher Education

Build a foundation in intercultural relations while gaining the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the landscape of international exchange in a higher education setting.

“My classes at Lesley helped me to gain a nuanced understanding of what culture is.”
Kwadwo Poku ’09, International Higher Education & Intercultural Relations
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Cambridge, MA

A nexus for creativity and academia, each year 250,000 students arrive here from around the globe. The intellectual and cultural capital runs deep, and so do your opportunities for community and innovation. From Lesley’s location, access a vibrant multicultural population, world-class institutions, and cultural organizations.

kwadwo poku intercultural relations alum
International Higher Education & Intercultural Relations
Kwadwo Poku ’09
“Attempting to find one definition of culture is similar to trying to describe entrepreneurship—each term carries many different interpretations,” says Kwadwo. He knows firsthand the intricacies of both. The MIT Legatum Center’s mission is to catalyze entrepreneurship for prosperity in low-income countries. And as the recruitment and alumni manager, he supports MIT students who have received a Legatum Fellowship as they embark on the process of launching for-profit businesses in developing countries.
faculty sylvia cowan
International Higher Education & Intercultural Relations
Dr. Sylvia Cowan
Sylvia has directed training and consulting for major international/intercultural consulting companies. Her talents developing strong teams with people of varied backgrounds and integrating theory and practice are evident in her work across cultures, especially in intercultural management, training, consulting, and organizational development. Her interests have led her to explore issues of culture and identity, conflict, and immigration.
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International Higher Education & Intercultural Relations
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Total approximate cost for this master's degree program. Tuition and fees are for the 2017-2018 academic year.
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