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Instructional Technology Specialist (K-12)

License-only program for Initial teacher license (K-12), on campus program

Provide technology coaching, mentoring, and leadership for your school.

Become an instructional technology specialist who works directly with PreK-4 students, and mentors teachers and other members of your school community from K-12. You'll learn how to adopt and integrate educational technologies that will boost student learning, while discovering how digital literacy and computer science can enhance the curriculum. You'll also learn strategies that foster inclusive learning and culturally responsive instruction. 

You'll explore the power of digital media in the classroom; "making," or learning through doing; robotics; and computer science. You'll learn to assess student learning and how to foster professional learning opportunities in your school. And you'll end your program with a student teaching experience, where you can put it all into practice.

Program Structure

Full-time or part-time on-campus program

24 Credits
Gain skills and expertise
Our Instructional Technology Specialist program will prepare you to:
Average salary for teachers in Massachusetts, according to the National Education Association.
Superintendents and other hiring managers across Massachusetts prefer to hire Lesley graduates, reporting that they are best prepared to enter the classroom on day one. (Source: Radius Global Market Research)
Top Schools
Massachusetts ranks as the best state to be a teacher, with some of the highest performing schools and best salaries in the country, according to US News.
Faculty Sue Cusack
Sue Cusack
Sue is a member of the educational technology faculty and director of the STEAM Learning Lab and makerspace. She is an advocate of using technology to facilitate meaningful, inclusive, and culturally responsive learning opportunities. In 2017, Sue was appointed by the Superintendent of Cambridge Public Schools to sit on the Cambridge STEAM Advisory Committee.
The degree employers are looking for.
Lesley graduates go on to rewarding careers in public and private schools, charter schools, and beyond. That's because our programs are ranked #1 for preparing teachers with the skills Massachusetts employers are seeking, including:
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Total approximate cost for this license-only program.
Instructional Technology Specialist (K-12)
  • Tuition
    Online Tuition: $650/credit x 15
    On-Campus Tuition: $850/credit x 9
  • Fees
    Field Experience Fee
    Registration Fees
    Map ePortfolio Fee
    Technology Fees
    Practicum Fee
    Activity Fee
    Materials Fees
  • Total
Estimated Cost

Tuition and fees are subject to change each year, effective June 1.

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Approximate cost for this license-only program. Tuition and fees are for the 2020-2021 academic year.
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