Educational Studies: Human Development & Learning Specialization

PhD, low-residency program

Explore factors that affect human development across the lifespan.

In Lesley's Human Development and Learning PhD specialization, you’ll advance your knowledge of the social, psychological, and biological factors and conditions that affect the development of human beings, with particular emphasis on adults. Acquire a deep understanding of the interdisciplinary field of developmental science. Gain insights into how individuals change over time in real-life contexts.

At Lesley, our goal is to inspire the imagination, courage, and persistence to improve teaching, learning, and leading.

In this doctoral program, you’ll learn theories of human development, learning, and cognitive and emotional development. Explore developmental neuroscience, adult learning, adult development, and mental health. Examine culture and conflict, and organizational development and change.

Prepare to serve individuals of all ages in a variety of academic, social, and political contexts, such as community and social services, correctional facilities, colleges, and governmental agencies,

At this time, residents of Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Oregon are not eligible to enroll in our low-residency PhD programs. All others may apply.

Program Structure

Low-residency PhD program

45 Credits
phd students in a classroom

After receiving senior advisor and doctoral committee approval for your qualifying paper in the second year, you will be eligible to write your dissertation proposal and dissertation. The oral defense of your dissertation is open to the public. Year three is devoted to helping you write your dissertation proposal and dissertation. The program of study concludes with a public defense of your dissertation, doctoral committee approval and graduation.

Our PhD in Educational Studies program prepares you to:
Stephen Gould
Dr. Stephen Gould
Steve is director of the Human Development and Learning and Educational Leadership PhD specializations. He has over 30 years of experience as an assistant superintendent, principal, and teacher, and served on the Massachusetts Elementary School Principals Association for over 10 years. His expertise includes leadership development, organizational development, team building, strategic planning, and executive coaching.
Where You'll Work
Graduates of our PhD in Educational Studies, Human Development and Learning specialization are prepared for rewarding careers in a range of settings, including:
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Educational Studies: Human Development & Learning Specialization
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Total approximate cost for this PhD degree program. Tuition and fees are for the 2017-2018 academic year.
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