Digital Literacy and Computer Science

License only program for Initial Teacher License (5-12): on-campus graduate program

Help students gain the skills they need to understand, use, and create technology.

To be a fully participating member of today's society, middle and high school students need to acquire digital literacy—that is, the ability to use, assess, and work with technology. This initial licensure program will give you the tools and skills to teach all students to become digitally literate. It covers principles of computer science, digital computing, and programming for grades 5–12.

It prepares you to teach all students to understand the relationship between computing and society. To use digital tools and for research and collaboration. To become familiar with systems and to use computational thinking. And to prepare for computer science and other innovative jobs of the future.

Develop practical curriculum ideas and new teaching strategies, put them into practice through student teaching experience, and receive feedback from your supervising teachers and faculty. You'll be ready to foster student curiosity and mastery of skills through hands-on experiences such as coding, robotics, and gaming. You'll also help them to learn to use high- and low-tech tools to make creative ideas tangible. And at Lesley, we value and incorporate social justice and equity into all of our courses.

If you are an aspiring or current teacher who does not need a Master's degree but would like to enhance or learn computer science skills and teach middle or high school students, this program will give you a license in Digital Literacy and Computer Science for grades 5-12, a new Massachusetts license area.

We also offer a Master of Education in Digital Literacy and Computer Science.

Program Structure

Full-time or part-time on-campus program

34 Credits

Gain skills and expertise
Our Digital Literacy and Computer Science program will prepare you to:
Average salary for teachers in Massachusetts, according to the National Education Association.
Superintendents and other hiring managers across Massachusetts prefer to hire Lesley graduates, reporting that they are best prepared to enter the classroom on day one. (Source: Radius Global Market Research)
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Massachusetts ranks as the best state to be a teacher, with some of the highest performing schools and best salaries in the country, according to US News.
Maureen Yoder
Maureen Yoder
Program director Maureen Yoder has been involved with technology in education since the 1990s, when Lesley began its technology programs. She is passionate about teaching with emerging technologies, and is a frequent presenter at educational tech conferences. She also writes articles on the topic.
The degree employers are looking for.
Lesley graduates go on to rewarding careers in public and private schools, charter schools, and beyond. That's because our programs are ranked #1 for preparing teachers with the skills Massachusetts employers are seeking, including:


Total approximate cost for this license only program. Tuition and fees are for the 2018–2019 academic year.
Digital Literacy and Computer Science
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    $840/credit x 34
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Total approximate cost for this license only program. Tuition and fees are for the 2018–2019 academic year.
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