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Learn how to develop a brand identity that stands out in the marketplace and in the minds of consumers. With a focus on brand design, you’ll explore visual branding, the language of design, and creative campaign concepts. Combined with your study of marketing, you’ll discover what it takes to present on-brand messaging to the right people at the right time and in the right place.
Examine the historical, political, social, economic, and cultural processes and institutions of people across the African diaspora.
Gain a solid foundation in the conceptual and technical aspects of animation and motion media art. Learn from a variety of processes, including stop-motion, 3D animation, and traditional figure drawing.
Deepen your knowledge in the fine arts by studying artistic works and theory from a range of cultures, locations, and historical periods.
Discover how to use art techniques, like painting, drawing, and sculpture, when working with adults and children. You’ll learn how to help those who are unable to express their thoughts with words or prefer to use art to express their experiences.
Explore topics in anatomy, animal behavior, botany, marine biology, and more. You’ll study in the classroom and also get hands-on lab experience.
Learn design, illustration, and photography methods as you develop ideas into complex book projects. Explore various kinds of storytelling and technical skills.
Study the basics of managing organizations while developing critical thinking and leadership skills. You’ll learn about managers’ roles, departments in organizations, and behaviors that impact performance.
Learn the foundations of behavior and cognition. This minor is ideal if you have an interest in the mind-body relationship or plan to pursue a career in neuroscience or a related field.
Examine the many ways humans interact and communicate, and apply this knowledge to the study and creation of media, including journalism, film, photography, web design, and more.
Strengthen your writing talents while exploring different literary genres in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and more. You’ll also study and analyze other works that will help you expand your creativity as a writer.
Expand your creative talents by studying technical design tools, methods, and theory. You’ll learn about studio habits, image making, visual research, typography, and the history of modern design.
Take courses and complete projects in video, motion, new media, and film. This minor is great way for you to add a cross-disciplinary approach to your art practice.
Learn about social media marketing, email marketing, and mobile strategies to implement contemporary marketing campaigns for any type of organization.
Explore the history of dramatic literature and develop skills in performance and stage production. Course topics include voice and acting, movement and improvisation, and directing and stage management.
Explore geology, meteorology, hydrology, climate issues, oceanography, and/or astronomy. You’ll choose more focused study in areas that interest you, with many field-based options available.
If you want to add teaching to your studies, but you’re unsure about working in a classroom, then a minor in education is ideal. You can test out different career paths in education without having to commit to a full-time degree in the field.
Research and take lab-based courses in areas of biology, chemistry, earth science, and/or health. Your studies will focus particularly on the complex relationship between people and the environment.
Explore environmental issues from a broad perspective of human-environment interactions. You’ll also learn about environmental policy and activism.
Learn the ways that psychology can be incorporated with the arts—in theory and practice—through music, visual arts, dance, drama, and creative writing.
Prepare to sit for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam. In this minor, you'll take online courses with faculty from a consortium of colleges and universities.
Enhance your artistic skills in a specific area or gain experience in several different art forms. You’ll be able to practice drawing, painting, sculpture, and more during hands-on studio sessions.
Create your own minor in one of six foreign languages: French, Italian, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, or American Sign Language (ASL). You’ll build an in-demand professional skill set as you design your own course of study.
Study the global processes that link politics, economics, culture, society, and the environment. You’ll develop the knowledge and tools needed to make sense of and shape the world as a citizen and future global leader.
Learn the biological aspects of health through courses in genetics, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infectious diseases, epidemiology, and alternative medicine.
Gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the past through the study of a wide range of topics and time periods. You’ll also learn a variety of research skills that will enhance your other studies and potential career paths.
Learn theory and techniques for helping individuals, families, and communities. You’ll have the opportunity to work with children, adolescents, or adults in a variety of human service settings.
Learn the foundations of the technical and conceptual aspects of illustration. You’ll develop different techniques in focused areas, such as figure drawing, mixed media, and digital formats.
Take courses and create projects on new media, video, game production, drawing, visual books, and more. Ideal for adding a cross-disciplinary approach to your art practice.
If you’re a Global Studies major who is interested in teaching English as a second language in international settings, then this is the minor for you. You’ll study the process of acquiring a second language and develop culturally responsive learning strategies.
Expand your understanding and appreciation of literature through the study of a wide range of works. Courses cover material from the ancient world to the Renaissance, as well as from the 17th century to present day.
Generate positive buzz, influence buyer behavior, and create brand loyalty. With a minor in Marketing, you’ll learn how to tap into the needs and wants of your consumer base, shape consumer perceptions about your products and services, and increase market share through creative promotional strategies.
Develop your ability to apply mathematics and quantitative thinking when analyzing problems, making decisions, predicting outcomes, and verifying results. You’ll take core classes in statistics and calculus, and choose from a variety of electives.
Launch your career in the nonprofit world. Get an in-depth look at the unique challenges that these organizations face, and learn how to assess organizational effectiveness from multiple perspectives. As you learn how lead in a broad range of nonprofit environments, you’ll build expertise in ethics and responsibility, fundraising and philanthropy, financial management, marketing, and more.
Gain skills, techniques, and tools to become effective leaders in any organizational setting. The program is an interdisciplinary offering between the Business Management and Psychology Divisions.
Explore traditional and digital photography techniques as you work with different media, like collage and sculpture. You can also choose to focus on specific genres, including photo noir, landscape and architecture, and portraiture.
Study the complex forces shaping the political world today with courses that focus on philosophical and psychological viewpoints.
Explore the science of human behavior and mental processes, and how psychology is applied in therapeutic and research settings. You’ll learn about individual development, cognition and memory, personality, and more.
Explore the history, foundations, and approaches to helping in the field of social work within a multicultural society. You’ll develop the skillset needed to make a difference on an individual, community, and global level.
Develop an understanding of the changing social world through a focus on the structure of society and social groups. You’ll also be able to get practical experience through service learning opportunities.
Strengthen your language skills while becoming more familiar with a range of Spanish-speaking countries and cultures.
Develop a competitive skill set as you gain the knowledge and experience needed to manage sports organizations across private, public, and nonprofit sectors. You’ll explore the complex demands placed on sports organizations, and prepare to offer creative solutions through the study of leadership, marketing, sport’s role in society, sport psychology, health, and nutrition.
Learn techniques for visual storytelling, such as graphic nonfiction and fiction for a range of audiences. You’ll take a combination of courses in creative writing and illustration as you create original works.
Take classes in the study of women and their experiences from an interdisciplinary, critical, and women-centered perspective.