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Majors 6 Programs

Bachelor of Science

On Campus
On Campus
Gain the business skills you need to think strategically, identify challenges, offer creative solutions, and lead others. Build your resume with work experience in some of the best places to work in Greater Boston—a hub for tech start-ups.
Turn your associate’s degree into a bachelor’s degree through Lesley University in just two years. All courses are taught by Lesley faculty at the Bunker Hill Community College campus in Charlestown, Massachusetts.
Earn your bachelor's degree through Lesley University in New Bedford, Massachusetts. If you live or work in Bristol County, you can take classes taught by Lesley faculty without having to travel to Cambridge.
Lesley’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Management prepares you for the challenges of the modern workplace. You’ll learn to become an effective manager as you study the latest leadership approaches. Our curriculum features coursework in economics, organizational behavior, technology, and more so that you have the skills you need to solve problems ethically and creatively. This degree also features specialization options in marketing and non-profit management, allowing you to choose a path of study that’s most relevant to your career goals.

Bachelor of Arts

Create a personalized plan of study based on your specific interests and chosen professional path. You can choose from areas of focus that prepare you for the job you want, including developmental psychology, human services, business management, and more. Through your chosen coursework, you’ll learn skills that make sense for where you want your career to take you.
On Campus
Off Campus
On Campus
Off Campus
Earn your Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in liberal studies with a completely customizable area of study. This is a perfect opportunity to design a program of coursework that is specific to your background or individual goals.

Minors 8 Programs


Learn how to develop a brand identity that stands out in the marketplace and in the minds of consumers. With a focus on brand design, you’ll explore visual branding, the language of design, and creative campaign concepts. Combined with your study of marketing, you’ll discover what it takes to present on-brand messaging to the right people at the right time and in the right place.
Study the basics of managing organizations while developing critical thinking and leadership skills. You’ll learn about managers’ roles, departments in organizations, and behaviors that impact performance.
Learn about social media marketing, email marketing, and mobile strategies to implement contemporary marketing campaigns for any type of organization.
Prepare to sit for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam. In this minor, you'll take online courses with faculty from a consortium of colleges and universities.
Generate positive buzz, influence buyer behavior, and create brand loyalty. With a minor in Marketing, you’ll learn how to tap into the needs and wants of your consumer base, shape consumer perceptions about your products and services, and increase market share through creative promotional strategies.
Launch your career in the nonprofit world. Get an in-depth look at the unique challenges that these organizations face, and learn how to assess organizational effectiveness from multiple perspectives. As you learn how lead in a broad range of nonprofit environments, you’ll build expertise in ethics and responsibility, fundraising and philanthropy, financial management, marketing, and more.
Gain skills, techniques, and tools to become effective leaders in any organizational setting. The program is an interdisciplinary offering between the Business Management and Psychology Divisions.
Develop a competitive skill set as you gain the knowledge and experience needed to manage sports organizations across private, public, and nonprofit sectors. You’ll explore the complex demands placed on sports organizations, and prepare to offer creative solutions through the study of leadership, marketing, sport’s role in society, sport psychology, health, and nutrition.