Young Imm Kang Song

Associate Professor


Dr. Song's research and teaching focus on public arts, environmental arts, integrated arts in education, cross-cultural education, arts-based research, and qualitative research. Dr. Song is particularly interested in using theory and practice to bridge arts and design with other subjects, and has been an active presenter at art, education, humanities, social sciences, and environmental conferences. Dr. Song is the author of articles that have been published in various journals, including The International Journal of Arts & Design Education; Childhood Education International; Art Education; The International Journal of Education through Art; Educational Leadership; and Journal of Aesthetic Education.

Dr. Song has been presented with the 2017 Best Presentation/Paper Award by the Committee of the International Conference on Global Trends In Academic Research. Her paper, A New Vision For Environmental Education for Children Through the Arts was presented at the 4th International Conference on Global Trends in Academic Research in Venice, Italy.


M.Ed., PhD, Lesley University

Selected Publications

  • Song, Y.I.K. and Huffman, C. (2017). Poison Parks:Teaching about Pesticide Use in Communities. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, Vol. 7, No. 3;  2017, p.33-42 
  • Song, Y. I. K. (2015). Intergenerational Gaps: Collaborative Projects for Social Studies Curricula. Global Journal of Human-Social Science, 15(9), 31-36
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  • Song, Y. I. K., & Donovan, L. (2013). Where I'm from: Cultural exchange through the arts and VoiceThread. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 14(13). 2-11
  • Song, Y. I. K. (2012). Altered book journaling for the visual generation. The International Journal of the Image. 2(1), 67-82.
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  • Song, Y. I. K. (2007). Who Am I? Creative Imagination and Art Therapy. Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 24(2), 89-92.

Selected Presentations

  • Song, Y. I. K. (2016). Contemporary environmental art and social change. International Social Sciences Humanities and Education Research Conference. Tokyo, Japan.
  • Song, Y. I. K. (2016). Patricia Johanson: Public design as a communication tool for society. International Social Sciences Humanities and Education Research Conference. Tokyo, Japan.
  • Song, Y. I. K. (2016). Environmental education in action: Innovative approaches for new ways of thinking. International Conference on Arts and Sciences (IJAS). Harvard University, Boston, USA
  • Song, Y. I. K. (2015). Intergenerational Gaps. 5th Interdisciplinary Conference on Aging & Society. Washington D.C. USA
  • Song, Y. I. K. (2015). Bridging the Communication Gap: The Issue of Diversity in a Rural Community. 15th International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations Conference. Hong Kong
  • Song, Y. I. K. (2014). Understanding Historical, Sociological, and Cultural Developments Through Traditional Pattern Designs. 5th International Conference on the Image, Freie University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • Song, Y. I. K. (2014). The political, social, cultural, and artistic evolution of tteoksal designs and symbols. Cultural History and Anthropology Conference, Istanbul, Turkey
  •  Song, Y. I. K. (2014). Integrating the Arts with the Community: Examples of Community Arts Projects in the U.S. Korean Society of Aesthetics, Seoul, Korea
  • Song, Y. I. K. (2013). How can educators design exhibits to support and enhance teaching and learning? The 2nd Yeongwol International Museum Forum. Yeongwol, Korea
  • Song, Y. I. K. (2013). Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching: Social Issues Project. 2nd Cross Cultural Asian Art Education International Conference. (CCAAE) Manila, Philippines.

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

  • Beach in The Dawn Light [Painting & Photograph]. July 17-August 16, 2010. Marran Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Reconnection to the Place. [Painting & Photograph]. October 15-November 16, 2009. Martin Luther King Jr. School Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Nature’s Sculptures [Photograph]. January 17-February 15, 2008. Three Columns Gallery, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Natural Images from the Amazon Rainforest. [Painting & Photograph]. April 18-June 19, 2007. 3F Gallery in Porter Exchange, Cambridge, MA, USA

Juried Group Exhibitions

  • Environmental Arts and Education, 2013 November 10-December 23, 2013, Venture Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • Goheung Photography Team Exhibit, 2012 August 20-September 3, 2012, Goheung Arts & Cultural Center, South Korea
  • Environmental Arts and Education, 2010 August 17-31, 2010, Marran Gallery, Cambridge, MA
  • Environmental Arts and Education,  2009 January 28-Febuary 28, 2010, Atrium Gallery, Cambridge, MA
  • Environmental Arts and Education,  2008 September 4-29, 2008, Marran Gallery, Cambridge, MA
  • SHAPE,  January 29-February 26, 2008, Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA