William Mitchell

Psychological Consultant and group leader for Personal Growth, Threshold Program

William Mitchell is a psychologist who provides consultation to faculty and staff of the Threshold Program at Lesley University. In that role he conducts weekly clinical meetings with key administrators, residential staff, faculty in the psychosocial strand of Threshold’s curriculum, the Director of Health Services for Lesley University and counseling and social work interns. He also teaches a course, Personal Growth, a psycho-educational class devoted to enhancing the psychological well-being and social skills of all first and second year students. He has served in these roles since the inception of Threshold in 1982.

He is also responsible for coordinating the recruitment and supervision of counseling and expressive therapies interns. He is contracted for these services from Boston Children's Hospital where he is Senior Psychologist in the Learning Disabilities Program and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. 

William holds a BA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and an Ed.M and Ed.D from Harvard University. Ed.D. Harvard University, 1979 


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